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I’m including this function because it’s really useful.I will explain it more in a future tutorial, but for now, create a Group and drag and drop these Objective-C category files. Once imported, you should be able to link your back button to the Exit green icon and an option called back Button will appear. Here’s a schema of how Views and Objects can be structured: Once you understand how Views and Objects work, you will be able to customize your Controllers the way you want.Xcode connects screens by a link they call “segue”.

Just like learning CSS for the Web, this will immensely help developers overcome their struggle with UI work and push the collaborative work between designers and developers. Designing static images is not enough, you need to bring them to life. The user interface is overwhelming at first, so let’s focus on the crucial parts that apply to Storyboard.

Have your App screens ready without the status bar.

To create a scrollable content, drag in a Table View and set the dimension to fill the rest of the screen.

Inside that Table view, drag in a button and set the size according to your image’s dimension.

Go to Storyboard and drag and drop a Button from the Object library. The properties we’re interested in are Type, Title and Image.

Set Type to Custom, Title to nothing and Image to your first screen (type the name of your image and it will autocomplete). To create a second screen, simply drag and drop a View Controller, then repeat the previous step.

The Push segue doesn’t work without a Navigation Controller.

To create one, select the first screen’s View Controller and go to Editor Navigation Controller.

Now, you can use the Push segue and it will do a horizontal sliding transition.

Xcode comes with an i OS Simulator that allows you to preview your App.

Make sure that you use pair numbers in your assets.

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