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The older version takes longer and sometimes people have issues with thickening, but tastes more like pudding when you get it right.

The newer version is faster but more like a chocolate whipped cream layer.

(I’m pretty sure that most of us don’t want to spend hours upon hours making our low carb or no carb desserts! I cut that out and replaced it with a chocolate whipped cream instead. (UPDATE: Okay, apparently I didn’t realize how many of you preferred the pudding version with the xanthan gum!

)The older version required making chocolate pudding using xanthan gum, and waiting hours for it to set. I’m adding it back in, so you can decide which version you want.

I skipped the vanilla pudding layer, because patience isn’t my strong suit.

Waiting for each layer to set already took long enough with five layers! Anyway, the other layers are so decadent that I don’t think you’ll miss the one I omitted.

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When I first heard about “sex in a pan dessert”, I thought the name was some kind of joke. Apparently, it’s been around for years, under many different names. Intrigued by all the flavors in a chocolate layer dessert, I set out to find how to make sex in a pan my way.

Of course, that meant low carb, gluten-free, and healthier.

Some people reported issues with the pudding setting, and the xanthan gum was less readily available for many. ;))Despite the conflict between the name and the fact that I had family coming for New Year’s, I made this sex in a pan dessert for the celebration.

I wanted something that looked cool, tasted extra rich, and it had to be something I wouldn’t make every day.

I say majority because I still recommend refrigerating it for an hour or two at the very end before serving.

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