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After lunch, we both went to Kuramo beach to see the sunset.

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So I had complete two days on hand to go sight-seeing in and around Lagos.

The Hotel had their Tourist Car and I booked one of the cars and the Hotel arranged a local guide to escort me. Orgawe was 7 feet tall, 30 years, completely black except for his white teeth and pink tongue.

He understood English perfectly and so I was comfortable.

We started off in the morning , visited Garshaka Gumti Park, Cross River Park, Matsirga Waterfalls and enjoyed the best wild-life scenes one could imagine.

I felt a tingling sensation run up my spine and came back to my room and had a good bath. I asked Orgawe to sit besides me on the sprawling bed and he obliged.

I changed into my night dress and decided to have a dinner in my room. Somehow I was having a sensation between my legs and I had decided to cheat on my husband. I was feeling very horny and wanted someone to satisfy me thoroughly.

My eyes popped out, my jaws widened and I was awe-struck It was hanging pendulum. I have never seen a cock as big and thick as this in my life. I have never seen such a beautiful woman with such great body proportions in my life. He also had huge heavy balls and I wondered how much cum was inside . The sight of this magnificent black monster of a cock had stirred up a strong desire to possess it, own it. I placed both my palms around the thick shaft and opened my mouth as large as possible and took in his dick head inside started to rotate my tongue around its head and pushed my head further to see how far it goes. Orgawe said Baby, I always like to return my favour. I love your cock and I want you to fuuuucckk me Orgawe. I have never experienced this in my life,,keep it going. I begged Orgawe to fuck me, Pleeeeeaseee Orgawe fuck me. I am oozing for you , I beg of you, please stuff your giant black cock deep into my cunt and fuck me, deep and hard, so that I keep asking for more and more, pleeeasse.

It was nothing less than 9 inches long and 5 inches thick. It was a monster and I exclaimed with joy and surprise. A big drop of his pre-cum had appeared on his purple cock-head and was glistening. The odour and smell of his monstrous cock and balls were driving me crazy. Deep into my throat I could manage only six inches . He lifted both my legs and placed it on his broad shoulders on both sides so that my clean shaven vagina was directly in front of his mouth. Orgawe, however, continued with his licking of my pussy crack and sucked my clitoris like a candy chocolate and bit the clitoris with his teeth gently.

He placed me down and lifted my night dress above my head. He placed his large mouth on my boobies and started to suck each one of them.

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