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The wage of the apprentice shall not be fixed on the basis of the piece or production.

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Article (6)If the employer entrusts any natural or juristic person with the carrying out of the employer’s original work or any part thereof such any natural or juristic person shall equally treat his workers and the workers of the original employer whom he employs for the carrying out of that work in regard to entitlements and privileges.

The employer and any such natural or juristic person shall be jointly liable for the payment of these entitlements and privileges to the extent of the sums for which the employer is liable to the person entrusted with the work.

Article (11)The vocational training shall be carried out inside the establishments or in the institutes and centers which are to be designated for this purpose.

The Minister shall by a decision, specify the theoretical and practical programs for the training, its maximum duration, the rules and conditions to be followed in respect thereof the method of examination and the certificates to be granted to the trainees upon completion of the training.

Article (9)All contracts and other documents and written instruments provided for in this law shall be made in Arabic.

The employer may accompany such contracts, documents or written instruments with translations into other languages and in case of any difference the Arabic text shall prevail.

We have decided the following Qatar Labor Law: The Provisions of the Labour Law accompanied with this Law shall be applied.

The Minister of Civil Service Affairs and Housing shall, in coordination with the other competent authorities, issue the necessary Decisions for the implementation of this Law and until these Decisions are issued, the Decisions for the time being in force shall continue to be applied to the extent that they do not contradict with the provisions of the accompanying this Law. (3) for the Year 1962, (14) for the Year 1992 and 23 for the Year 1994 referred to together with any provision contradicting with the provisions of the accompanying this Law are hereby repealed.

Article (18)Priority in the employment shall be given to the Qatari workers.

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