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Article (14)The vocational training contract shall be in writing and therein shall specify the type of the trade or craft on which the Apprenticee is to be trained, the period of the training, its consecutive.

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Article (7)The employer shall before the commencement of the work in his establishment notify the Department of the following particulars: Article (8)The periods and dates indicated in this law shall be calculated according to the Gregorian Calendar.

A calendar year means 365 days and a calendar month means 30 days.

Article (12)Any employer employing fifty employees or more shall provide training on the technical works to 5% of his Qatari workers to be nominated by the Department in accordance with the training program approved by the Ministry.

Article (13)The Apprentice shall contract by himself with the employer unless the age of the Apprentice is below eighteen years in which case the Apprentice shall contract through his guardian or trustee as the case may be.

If the Department does not object to the contract within ten days from the date of its being filed the contract shall be deemed to be approved from the date of its being so filed.

Article (16)The employer may terminate the vocational training contract before its expiry date in the following instances:­If it has been proved that the apprentice is not capable of learning the craft or trade.The party intending to terminate the contract shall notify the other party in writing at least seven days prior to the date he fixes for the termination.Article (17)The parties to the vocational training contract may agree that the apprentice shall work with the employer after the expiry of the apprenticeship period.Article (18)Priority in the employment shall be given to the Qatari workers.Non-­Qatari workers may be employed in case of need.Article (2)This Law shall apply to the employers and workers, and prescribe their rights and obligations and regulates the relationship between them.

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