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However, it should be noted that this support is mainly geared toward Word Press novices who need help with common Word Press-related issues and popular Word Press plugins and themes. While Site Ground does everything it can to reduce the number of support requests its staff receives, it also does everything it can to make sure its staff can handle those support requests.

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Performance is just one facet of your business’ success.

After all, your customers can’t see what amazing products, services and content you offer if they can’t access your site.

This feature updates Word Press core files automatically, and you can even have it update plugins.

You can also turn it off if you prefer to perform updates manually.

Site Ground also has a large knowledge base filled with hundreds of articles.

These articles are designed to help you navigate your way through common issues you may experience, issues that often occur through no fault of the web host.

Our Site Ground server experienced no downtime in the duration of our test, as you can see from the 100% uptime scores in the image above.

Whether or not your server loads is important, but slow-loading servers are just as bad.

Site Ground has recently become one of few web hosts listed on Word Press’ hosting page.

The company was founded in 2004 by a group of university students and has steadily earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable hosts in the space of Word Press.

Let’s go over what things you have to look forward to as a customer of Site Ground.

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