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"Shield your number from those in line behind you so no one can take a photo of your card with their cell phone," recommends Harzog.2. You probably know not to give your account number or password to callers, but "phishing is a higher-tech version of fraud, in which a scam artist creates legitimate-looking websites and emails in an attempt to get your information," explains Ulzheimer.

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If you suspect you've fallen for a phishing scam, "place a fraud alert with one of the major credit reporting agencies (they're supposed to notify the other two), and ask your bank and credit card companies to add an extra layer of security, such as password protection, for any use of your accounts," says Mitch Lipka, consumer advocate and columnist for 3. You may be afraid to sign your cards because a wallet thief would then have a copy of your signature.

"But it's far more important to protect your credit card than your signature," says Lipka.

Having the post office forward your mail to your new address doesn't guarantee that every letter reaches you, she adds, so it's best to cover all bases.8.

Not keeping tabs on your statements or online accounts.

"People get busy and careless," says Beverly Harzog, credit card expert and consumer advocate. The big problem with skimming: It's hard to prevent.

To avoid the hassle of trying to repair a damaged credit record that results from someone stealing your account information, make sure you don't make any of the following mistakes. You send away your card with restaurant servers all the time, right?And we aim to make it so that you like what you see on here.You get to enjoy the full functionality of the site without parts that are reserved for paying members only..Mature women and especially those hot MILFs need attention, love and sex just like any others.Heck you'll even find the occasional sexy cougar on our milf datingsite.If you receive a message like that, don't click links or fill out online forms.

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