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As they say, I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.

On the other hand, the stars really need to line up if you don't plan ahead.

The experience moved me to song – hit play to enjoy the appropriate (NSFW) soundtrack for the rest of this article, and if you like this sort of filth, do feel free to check out the rest of our Wrongtown Brothers stuff on Facebook. Because Realtouch also runs a sister site called Realtouch Interactive, through which device owners can interact live with cam girl models, and which allows these models to control your device in real time.

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And when you give somebody else control, you're in for an incredible experience if they know what they're doing. In all the time I spent plugged into this machine, one thought kept running through my head.

For me, I think it'll be a "sometimes" treat going forward… Actually two thoughts, the other being "WOW." This is Realtouch's very first device. It all works so well that it's already one of the more amazing technological experiences I've had, but imagine what they're going to do in the future!

It's absolutely hysterical to watch a girl lying there trying to look sexy while plundering her own booty in double speed – but the last thing you want to do is burst out laughing and ruin the mood.

Prices for the Realtouch Interactive service appear to be totally up to the girls' discretion. As such they vary wildly, from as low as US$25 for a "quickie" session to upwards of $500 for people who want to spend a whole day with their willies plugged into their computers.

In terms of the actual sex part, the Realtouch Interactive system is no less than astonishing.

The girls need nothing more than a webcam, a set of fancy undies and a dildo-shaped Realtouch "wand" to ply their trade.This happened to me once – you'll be happy to know my buddha-like meditative focus skills got me to the finish line just in time and the lady on the other end was none the wiser – but I made sure to go in with a loaded gun on subsequent attempts, and had a much more enjoyable (and less frantic) time as a result.You need to budget a fair bit of alone time to get a good Realtouch Interactive session in.The wand uses the same capacitive touch technology you'd find in the screen of your smartphone – so when the model strokes her wand it's more or less making a "swipe" motion on both sides of the device that's transferred to your own device in real time.Towards the base of the wand is an extra sensor – and if the girl hits that bit by going deep, you can feel the orifice squeezing in on your end.Now, I've never used a cam girl service before, so I can't really say how the Realtouch Interactive service compares to a regular sex chat using my own built-in "handware" to do the dirty work.

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