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With remarkable ease Booby manipulates wealthy benefactors, by mere sex, the servicing of cock and elevation of ego. Booby got her trip to the UK paid for by a generous and gullible sponsor, and the full boob job done free by the equally generous and gullible UK national health system.

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While his wife was at the beauty salon, Booby gave him a super blowjob in his SUV, and then with his sperm still in her mouth she simply asked for a little more cash and a boob job. A letter from him to the embassy stating that she was his liaison officer got her visa. Within days, she had signed up with a GP and got an appointment with an implant consultant surgeon. And so this is how the great British public, by means of the national health system paid for Booby's tits. When she arrived back in the tropics, she got off the plane in the big city and stayed there.

The flight was paid for from one of the ongoing health system contracts and she stayed in Birmingham with the sponsor's son from a previous marriage. There is just too much opportunity in the big city.

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It so turns out that Roselle is her name, as well as the beverage that I was looking for.

So I chatted her up and gave her plenty of time before I suggested she come with me after work for sex, but once it was agreed, she was quite happy to do the video too.

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I did not have to say too much, I just started feeling her up and was soon fucking her.

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