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Earlier last year, he dropped new songs titled "Phenomenal" and "Kings Never Die" that are coming from the "Southpaw" soundtrack.

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However, I have promised my friends that I will turn up, so grudgingly, I made my way to the meeting point for the walking tour.

While we know a significant bit about Tan Tock Seng, we overlooked the contributions of his eldest son, Tan Kim Ching, who is also buried in Bukit Brown.

Many other fans were crushed because they hoped to marry him...

Since a tender age, Eminem was attracted to rapping.

A range of calendars was used in the inscriptions of headstones in documenting the time of birth and death of individuals.

Information on public walks in Bukit Brown can be found by following Bukit Brown Events on Peatix : ======= Footnote: Bukit Brown Cemetery is commonly known to the Chinese as Kopi Sua.She knows more about Singapore’s heritage places and history than the average Singaporean and has embraced our cultural traditions, even demonstrating how to cook nasi ulam at the Baba House Museum.Tombs of Hokkiens, Teochews, Cantonese, men, women, the rich and the poor can be found in Bukit Brown cemetery.We are pleased to share breaking news that Raymond Goh has been shortlisted as the top 15 from among 50 inspiring individuals in their home countries nominated by listeners to “Outlook” – a weekly radio programme on the other BBC – The British Broadcasting Corporation aka The Beeb.She was in her teens when she started these big projects.Four years later, the couple married and later took divorce.

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