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Strictly speaking, the last pharaoh was her son Caesarion, who ruled mutually with his mother in her final years.

Elizabeth refuses to become like Carmilla, and Carmilla regards Elizabeth as an intolerable symbol of her youthful ignorance.

She appears in the Orleans chapter summoned by Jeanne Alter as an abnormal Assassin with the "Mad Enhancement" skill usually exclusive to Berserkers.

She is an unrepentant murderer whose noble upbringing makes her incapable of regarding others as human; a true monster of history who spent her life pursuing nothing but her own selfish desires with cruelty and sadism.

She is completely incompatible with her younger self, the Servant known as "Elizabeth Bathory".

She also has a minor role during the Halloween 2015 event and the second half of the Summer 2017 event.

She also appears in the The fourth head of the Sanson family, which had performed executions for generations in Paris.

Despite his small build, he's handsome, has outstanding martial skills and excels in performance with musical instruments.

He joined the band of Mt Liang together with his lord, Lu Junyi.

Cleopatra was the final pharaoh who ruled the kingdom and struggled against destiny.

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