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She is an unrepentant murderer whose noble upbringing makes her incapable of regarding others as human; a true monster of history who spent her life pursuing nothing but her own selfish desires with cruelty and sadism.She is completely incompatible with her younger self, the Servant known as "Elizabeth Bathory".

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Strictly speaking, the last pharaoh was her son Caesarion, who ruled mutually with his mother in her final years.

Caesarion lived for several more days after Cleopatras death, however, Caesarion was merely nine years old when he died.

Though he is fictional, his name is well known as the founder of the Yanqingquan - a school of Chinese kenpou.

He debuted as an antagonist in Shinjuku and later appears during the second part of A feudal noblewoman, founder of an all-female ninja order at the service of the Takeda clan.

It is an oddity compared to the more formal knight classes who believe in fair duels and chivalry in combat; they will attack using the most unfair and favorable conditions, and with these conditions, it is possible for an Assassin to match and defeat other Servants.

The Assassins' special class ability is "Presence Concealment", which allows them to remain undetected when spying or preparing to ambush their targets.

In life, Elizabeth Bathory was a noblewoman who tortured and murdered hundreds of young women and bathed in their blood under the belief it would grant her eternal youth.

This version of Elizabeth has fully accepted her evil nature and assumed the identity of "Carmilla": a fictional vampire from one of the earliest examples of the vampire fiction genre.

She appears in Shimosa as one of the Seven Swordsmen summoned by Shirou Amakusa.

The Countess of Blood and the most infamous female serial killer in European history.

The only empress in Chinese history, known as Wu Zetian, but she preferred her title of Sacred Divine Empress Regnant when she ascended to the throne.

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