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You will then receive an email with PDF attachments with specific guidance notes for your proposed service(s).

Swipe based dating app Tinder has had some ups and downs throughout 2014/15.

How it works is, again, very simple: you swipe left or right depending on whether you like somebody.

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Wolfe confirmed a new dating venue last year called Bumble.

The dating app, which works just like Tinder, is designed to put women first because we all know how many creepy dudes there are on nearly every major dating website.

This thing is for dating, it doesn’t cost anything (yet) and as far as I can see it seems to be populated with fairly normal human beings which is always a bonus, as any Tinder veteran will happily tell you. Although the whole waiting thing is a little annoying at times. But at times it can be rather annoying, as you forget about matches and move along with others which has a habit of complicating things further down the line. It’ll be interesting to see how Bumble compares to the dating behemoth that is Tinder. On first look it makes you sound like you’ve just bumbled into each other carelessly, plus it reminds me of the film Bee Movie where a fully-grown adult woman had a relationship with a bee and didn't face any bestiality charges.

Saucytime is the latest company to pair sex with Apple’s handy videoconferencing technology Face Time.

Premium Rate Number Services (also known as PRS/PRN) begin with 09 or 087.

These numbers cost in excess of 5p per minute to call and are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA)

Lei, Saucytime: That was the whole idea behind the platform and I’m glad that comes across.

I felt it was important to promote the girls as personalities and individuals rather than one dimensional ‘models’ so all the bio information is absolutely genuine.

Apple’s desire to keep their devices G-rated hasn’t kept adult chat services from trying.

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