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In an article in the May 22, 1975 So Ho Weekly News (Vol II No.33 pp 37 &41) entitled "Goodbye Liverpool, Hello Oblivion", Alan Betrock discusses the CBGBs music scene and mentions seeing 2 members of Blondie earlier that week. Actually that was the first time in public that a recording of Blondie was played in the Garden State.

A partial list of Blondie concerts and appearances, including interview schedules, travel schedules, TV, radio and press appearances, and some relevant dates as comments.

Since the enormity of this project makes it impossible to have a truly complete list (read Chris Stein's comments on this project), we welcome your additions or corrections.

(ad listing) First Angel and the Snake gig at CBGB (source: George Gimarc, "Punk Diary") with the Ramones. Note: it is NOT "Angel and the Snakes" -- this is this is a perpetuating error in many publications documenting this period in Blondie history.

On 29-Sept-2014, in answer to Michelle Shinn's question about the band name, Chris said that they got the idea from a photograph in Esquire, "The girl in the picture looked vaguely like Debbie, had cheekbones.", and that served as the inspiration for the illustration and band name.

One of these was on 13 Feb (year was unknown but established: the date was probably 1977 as Feb. Also appearing: Lido (1st and 2nd), Alex Chilton (3rd). Gig poster reads Sheffield University Union of Students Ents presents Blondie "plus advertising , disco , late bar / Friday 24th February / Tickets: 1.10 (pounds) to members in advance, 1.20 to others and on the door. Performed "Oh oh I love her so" and "Little Rooster". Someone who attended wrote this: "At this show there was some idiot yelling 'Boo Blondie off stage...they're PUNK.' There was booing at first. This explains why the concert doesn't figure in the itineraries." Photos exist, as does the setlist: An attendee confirms this show was at Tivoli Gardens (full name Gröna Lunds Tivoli) in Copenhagen, but Chris Stein's band itinerary incorrectly listed it as Grona Lund Tivoli in Stockholm, performing w/ Buzzcocks.

13 fell on a Sunday night that year and Rodney's show was on Saturday night and Sunday night). Not in itinerary but someone had a tape allegedly from this, containing the following set: Palisades Park (Chuck Barris), Little Girl Lies, Look Good In Blue, Presence Dear, Man Overboard, Little GTO (Ronny & The Daytonas), In The Sun, Rip Her To Shreds, Evil Friends (early Blondie, unreleased original song; Debbie introduces the song as a "jazz-rock" number), Poets Problem, Flight 45, Platinum Blonde, Kung Fu Girls, I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No, Rifle Range, Fan Mail, Moonlight Drive (The Doors), A Shark In Jets Clothing, Star Beast (Gary Valentine-Ronnie Toast, unreleased original song), Goldfinger (John Barry), Heatwave (Martha & The Vandellas), X Offender. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA [*new*] w/ Iggy Pop and David Bowie (playing keyboards). Guest stars: Billy Ficca (Television), Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers). This is reportedly the last gig played with Gary Valentine. Members and bona fide guests only." Private invitation: Punk Magazine cordially invites you & a guest to the wedding of Joey Ramone & Deborah Harry in the final scene of "Mutant Monster Beach Party". Note: a reliable source indicates this gig was at The Palladium, so it is unknown whether it was there or at CBGB as originally indicated in this list. By the end of the second song most of the crowd had been won over. A different source indicates the venue is "Konserthuset". [*new*] This conflicts with the Blondie band itinerary, but a contributor confirms this happened: "A friend of mine attended the show.

94, exists: (ad listing) In his So Ho Weekly news column, (Vol. Replacing Richard temporarily will probably be the bass player of Blondie, and no doubt Television will continue as before, but Richard will be missed. 44 pg 112 (ad listing) Big Halloween Weekend: Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Blondie, Manster, and Shadow. Gig flyer exists: "CBGB Valentines Day Weekend Miamis and Blondie" (Feb 13,14,15) [printed in England] and an ad exists in the Village Voice Vol XXI No.7 pg 134 (ad listing) with Miamis and Razors Edge. I was in the DJ booth when a very nice couple(Chris and Debbie) came up to me and handed me two copies of X-Offender/In The Sun on Private Stock records.

"As of the Spring of 2015, Fred Smith is still the bass player for Television. Gig flyer exists: "CBGB Valentines Day Weekend Miamis and Blondie" (Feb 13,14,15) [printed in England] and an ad exists in the Village Voice Vol XXI No.7 pg 134 (ad listing) Blondie's concert with Mink De Ville at Max's on 2/29 was published in the Openings section of the Village Voice, Vol. I can remember playing that 45 several times over the next few months.

A contributor states: "this venue is not part of the (U. Berkeley) campus as previously reported." [It was apparently confused with event on 29-Apr-1978.] w/ Joan Jett. Dead Boys with special guest: Ross Friedman (Dictators); 3. Backed up by Ivan Kral, Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty, Richard Sohl (Patti Smith Group); 5. They played "The First One" (written by Valentine), which he later recorded to start his solo career. Poster for this gig reads: Friars at the Maxwell (Vale) Hall Aylesbury / from new york city Blondie XTC / Tickets 175p from Earth Records Aylesbury; Sun Music H. This was featured in the July/August 1978 issue of Punk Magazine. By the end of the third song, those that didn't like it had shut up. Blondie performed with Ultravox and Nico, as well other famous Spanish artists and Latin-American. Setlist: X Offender, Little Girl Lies, Look Good In Blue, Man Overboard, In The Flesh, I'm On E, Love At The Pier, I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No, Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45), Kidnapper, Youth Nabbed As Sniper.

Advertised in LA Times as "Blondie and Deaf School". Patti Smith Group with guest stars: Matthew Reich and Allen Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult); 6. Auction I - Auctioneer: Handsome Dick Manitoba (Dictators); 8. A T-shirt exists for this gig listing; in bright pink lettering on a black shirt, "blondie does it / STARWOOD / Los Angeles, Calif. By the end of the set, I don't remember anyone not liking the group (not just because they were finished either)." (ticket stub) w/ The Kinks. Another source claimed the venue was "The Catalyst", but it was not, as confirmed by a friend of an employee who took photographs at this event. The Kinks archivist Doug Hinman indicates the venue is "Mc Farlin Memorial Auditorium, Southern Methodist University". We had a cancellation of Lou Reed, if I remember correctly. That show was part of the Canet Rock 78', in a village near Barcelona (Canet de Mar). But yes I confirm you that this show happened and it was very successful." (gig flyer) [*new*] w/ Boyfriends. Blondie's appearance on Musikladen (a legendary German pop show going way back to the 1960s) was officially released on DVD and 2-CD: DVD on Encore Music Entertainment (PA-99-616-D), and the 2CD on NMC Music (80094500071 0).

See also: Debbie Harry solo appearances Credits for the contributors to this page appear in the site credits. This was at 42 W 28th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue.

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