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They’re an amazing couple whom I’ve gotten to know on a personal level throughout the planning process.

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Combined with London papers, such as the Morning Post and the new Daily Telegraph , a sober and editorially diverse press existed that some observers have pointed to as a "golden age" for the British press.

These titles coexisted with more popular (and initially less respectable) Sunday papers such as Reynolds News and Lloyd's Weekly News.

The Daily Mail and Daily Express had offered insurance to subscribers throughout the 1920s, spending a million pounds per year by 1928.

The most influential paper in the mid-century was the London Times.

Con un rotundo éxito al interpretarla juntos - dándole tanto potencial no solo a los interpretes pero también a la canción, al Anthony cantarla solo es aún mas fuerte su interpretación con un ritmo y estilo único para esta canción.

"Y Como es El" de la autoría del español Jose Luis Perales, grabada y cantada por Anthony para su álbum de baladas románticas clásicas (2010) quien le da un canto especial a la balada con una potencial y fuerza de voz indescriptible y la revive de nuevo para apuntarla a las listas de canciones favoritas hoy día de Marc Anthony.

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Whenever I witness a Father-Daughter Dance I can’t help but smile and think of the day I’ll be dancing with Finley at her wedding.

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