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KTSP was sold to Taft Broadcasting in 1984, as part of a corporate deal; on October 12, 1987, Taft was restructured into Great American Broadcasting after the company went through a hostile takeover by investors.The station's operations did not change significantly under Gulf, Taft or Great American Broadcasting ownership.

They all described the exactly the same thing," Barwood said. You cant get that many people to agree on the same object." Read more from FOX10

KSAZ-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 10, is a Fox owned-and-operated television station licensed to Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

It's a date many people will remember, as it is the night the so-called "Phoenix Lights" event took place. In the two decades since that mysterious night, there have been lots of theories over the light's origins. The sightings that night would become the subject of a book, as well as a documentary, by Phoenix physician Lynne Kitei. She saw the lights from her Paradise Valley home, and snapped some photographs. Former Phoenix City Councilwoman Frances Barwood was the first public official to draw attention to the Phoenix Lights.

Those who believe in the theory that extraterrestrial beings were behind the Phoenix Lights also endure ridicule from skeptics who say otherwise. Those who first talked about the Phoenix Lights suffered because of it.

On May 28, 1982 at about 5 p.m., Joseph Billie Gwin, wanting to "prevent World War III", forced his way into the KOOL-TV studios and fired a shot from his gun.

The butt of the gun struck Louis Villa in the back of the head; Gwin then held Villa in a chokehold, at gunpoint, for nearly five hours.

New World also acquired High Point, North Carolina's WGHP and Birmingham, Alabama's WBRC (both of those stations would be placed in a blind trust, due to ownership complications, and were later sold directly to Fox).

Just 18 days later, New World announced that twelve of its 15 stations (those it already owned and those it was in the process of acquiring, including the two that would later be sold to Fox) would switch their varying Big Three network affiliations (most of the New World stations, like KSAZ, were aligned with CBS) to Fox.

The station changed its callsign to KSAZ-TV on February 12, 1994 to match its new slogan, "The Spirit of Arizona." Due to the company's bankruptcy, Citicasters put four of its stations (including KSAZ-TV) up for sale.

KSAZ and Kansas City sister station WDAF-TV were sold to New World Communications on May 5, 1994 for 0 million, with the sale becoming final on September 9 of that year.

The new owners changed channel 10's callsign on October 4 to KTSP-TV (the KOOL call sign remained with the Phoenix FM radio station).

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