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Their relationship ended in a secret wedding August 13, 1964 in a small village in Spain, when the bride was pregnant. S., where Delon simultaneously starred in two films. Born son named Natalie Allen and Anthony, their joint marriage lasted four years.

They were both independent people, and Natalie was always powerful and capricious woman.

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Natalie about living together with Alain Delon said: Delon has been active in raising her son.

In this case, Allen and Natalie decided as long as possible to inform his son about their divorce.

Alain Delon, becoming a movie star for five years, while continuing popularity among women, was lukewarm about Romy Schneider.

Romy once received a huge bouquet of roses with a note from Alain Delon, where it was one word, "Goodbye." The gap ratio for Romi was tough, she was very upset, and subsequent life was psychologically unstable, which ended with her suicide.

When parents divorce, when Alain was five, he was sent to live in a boarding house, where life was not Alena sweet.

Alain Delon, recalling life in the boarding house, said: "My parents live their lives individually, from these marriages had children ...Delon revived me to the life that I wanted to leave, to return to the work he loves ..." During the shooting of the film "Swimming Pool" they easily communicate with each other, like good old friends.All French newspapers wrote that returned their love for each other.Mother after the death of his daughter Romy Schneider wrote a book in 1982, which describes the relationship of Alain Delon with her daughter: "He could do it with just about anything he wanted. Fact that Alain Delon did with Romy, neither more nor less than the impact on the subconscious. " Popularity as Alain Delon has not stopped growing, in 1962, he gets a "Palme d'Or" for his starring role in the film "The Leopard." Alain Delon started dating young beauty Natalie Barthelemy, who worked as a photographer.Kisses and blows, he forced her to assimilate new morality. Young Natalie near Delon looked like his younger sister.After rastavaniya with Romy Schneider, Alain Delon's first love, they are not seen until 1969.

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