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Natalie about living together with Alain Delon said: Delon has been active in raising her son.

In this case, Allen and Natalie decided as long as possible to inform his son about their divorce.

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However, the film was heavily that Allen and Romy did not hide the fate of the characters was very similar to both of them.

Alain Delon always enamored with Romy Schneider, they were friends until the suicide of Schneider in 1982.

Alain Delon made full use of his chance, he played a cameo role in the gangster movie "When a woman intervenes." The whole life of Alain Delon fits the words of the writer Alfred de Musset: Alain Delon - is standard superhero who embodies the male beauty and romance.

Alain Delon as the handsome and charming man with gray-blue eyes, had an enormous popularity among women.

Delon personally called Schneider to offer her collaboration in the film.

After filming the movie Romy Schneider said: "I prayed to the Lord. I knew what I was doing something terrible, but I could not resist.

The three of them were celebrating birthdays, holidays, and often spent time together.

Recently, the relationship of Alain Delon and his son did not exist, but for the pride of his father's son Delon always showed.

Delon revived me to the life that I wanted to leave, to return to the work he loves ..." During the shooting of the film "Swimming Pool" they easily communicate with each other, like good old friends.

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