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They travel the world, they fix things around their homes and they serve in leadership roles in their church.

One type of man in this category is usually not sure of himself and lacks the self-confidence.

Men with no purpose or direction seem to be drawn to women like this in order to have a purpose.


By spending less than you earn, investing those savings into an index fund that tracks the S&P 500, and reinvesting your gains, you can double your money roughly every eight years, assuming the stock market performs as it did during the 1990 through 2010 historic timespan.

If your employer matches the contributions into your 401(k), you have the easiest, most risk-free method of doubling your money available at your disposal.

I am a simple loving, loyal, God fearing and funny.

Divide nine into 72, and you discover the number of years it takes you to double your money, which is eight years.

I am grateful that He never stopped until He won my heart.

I believe in God's perfect timing and His will be done.

Some of these skills are obtained out of necessity, but nevertheless many men find these qualities quite attractive.

Being with an independent woman can expose weaknesses or challenge a man’s abilities in the skills that she knows, thus injuring his ego.

A question that I am often posed by them is this: “What do Christian guys think of women like me?

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