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Learn How to Ask a Person on a Date It's one thing to get to know someone, it's another thing to figure out whether they're interested.But it's easy to become tongue tied when considering asking them out.

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Here are a couple of articles to help you with this -Girl Body Language: How Do I Tell If She's Interested.

Here's an article for women - Does He Like Me By His Body Language: 10 Clever Clues.

Age 39 From London, United Kingdom Online - Yesterday Woman Seeking Man (2 Miles Away) I am an honest, trustworthy, transparent and simple person.

I am not necessarily looking for a super man but just for a simple, understandable and caring man who has the ability to speaks the truth no mater how hard it might be Age 48 From Isleworth, United Kingdom Online - 2 days ago Woman Seeking Man (11 Miles Away) A mature serious woman who wants to be loved and give love.

I'm going to go up to some person i don't know, ask them out, and go on some highly formalized social encounter, where they are scrutinizing everything about you to decide if they want to keep doing it together.

Dating, as you can see, can be stressful for autistic adults. Date people you get to know through common interests.

He made countless mistakes, felt embarrassed, but is now proficient in relating to the people from that country.

I asked Aaron, an Aspergers adult, how he learned the social skills required for dating and getting married (he is married with two children). I hung out at restaurants and bars and other public places and watched people interact.

I read every article and book I could find about social interaction, posture, and body language. And I experimented with my posture and body language until I got the desired response.

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