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Good luck to all, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts EXEO!I have been in Japan a short time and I wanted to meet some people so I attended one of these events.Each woman has their own booth which they sit in, and men move between booths.

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There were lots of nice people, but I got matched with a great person and we have been going out since! Cheers -Alex I had a short Christmas vacation, but after it was over I wanted to start the new year off with something different and I happened across EXEO International speed dating. I’ve been in Japan for only two months, but I knew that around Christmas time was good for meeting up with people so I went to one of these events. I got to meet some very nice people and even made a match at the end.

The format was a little different from what I have been to before, but it was still a good time and great opportunity for me to meet someone. If you’re going to be in Japan a while, then these are great.

Besides local incentives, the federal government has introduced at least three policies to encourage women to have more children - all intended to improve child care access so that women can continue to work. The country’s population will began its decline this year, and will drop from its current 128 million to 126 million by 2015, and to 101 million by 2050, bringing with it severe effects.

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Accordingly, there are no Impression Cards or Message Cards, just Coupling Cards at the end.

The advantage of this is that you get about twice as much time to talk with each woman. , Shinjuku-ku) ENTRANCE : FREE i Xdaysjto enjoy our delicious food and drink - beer - market - stage& live music - dance show - salsa show - samba brasil - african drum - hair making corner - coffee - market - dance - fashion show will take place on this day. 30 food-street stalls, 3 pop-up restaurants, over 30 concerts and performances, top brands on display, movie premiers and more... Free Entrance.” When: April 21-22, 2018 (public event) 10am-8pm Where: 140-0002 Tokyo, Shinagawa, Higashishinagawa 2-1-3 @AFRO- AMERICAN- CARIBBEAN GOLDEN WEEK FOOD FESTA & GRAND PRIX BEAUTY CONTEST 2018 DATE F April 28th (sat)~ May 06th(sun) LOCATION [email protected] Cine city Square - (1 Chome-19 Kabukich?After coupling, we exchanged contact info and have met up a few times since then. -Richard It’s nice that these events are frequently offered in the Tokyo area.I was able to find out that fit my schedule and made it to the event. Reception One-on-one conversation with each woman Coupling Finish If you'd like more details, please email [email protected]********************************************************************************************************************** As with all our events, for male:female balance reasons, reservations are required (I'm afraid you can't just turn up), and there is a cancellation fee of 3000yen if cancelling within 3 days.

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