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I live Downtown, so my date and I don’t worry about driving — and that’s what makes it so perfect.

While each fraternity and sorority on the UE campus has its own distinct character, philanthropies, colors, and inter/nation histories, there are values that are shared among all of UE's Greek Life.

Davis Collier, left, was killed Saturday night after she sled onto a street in the path of an oncoming vehicle driven by Galina Witte, right, who was allegedly drunk.

Heather Powers, Art Director I’m a big fair junkie.

When I was growing up my family ran a concession trailer and traveled all over the state selling various goodies at carnivals and events, so I feel totally at home among rides, games and junk food.

Then we like to watch a movie from Central Library in our air-conditioned living room.

Louis La Plante, Associate Managing Editor Dinner Downtown, then a show at The Centre, and if I’m feeling lucky, I head to Casino Aztar to win at Blackjack. Jinni Nall, Art Director Tom and I like to go to the drive-in in Reo, Ind., for date night. It’s clear we’re into an authentic Evansville summer, and when we think of summer, we think of dates – the focus of this issue and our feature story, “Make a Date” (p. Here, staff members share their favorite summer dates."In my 23 years of service with the Indiana State Police, this was the worse driving I've seen," Sgt.Tom Weber, who reponded to multiple calls about her driving, said.Fun, excitement, and gooey foods all under the stars = awesome date!

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