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And, of course, it’s a topic of discussion and banter almost everywhere you go.Lawmakers have finally joined in, too, after reluctance for the better part of 2017. Articles have begun to pop up in medical journals, too—most recently Dr.My initial (June 2017) post focused on those so I won’t repeat the points here.

BY STEVEN FINDLAY The resurgent debate about President Trump’s mental health prompts me to update a piece I wrote for THCB last June. It’s also the one-year mark of the Trump presidency. (More about those results below.) Nearly every major newspaper and magazine has run stories.

The results from Trump’s medical and “cognitive” exam on Jan 12 are unlikely to quell concern.

The book’s authors assert that they have a duty to apply their knowledge and skills for the greater public good.

This duty, at this time, surpasses ( is a no-holds-barred indictment of the president’s mental health, character, and boorish behavior.

The other 1,228 psychiatrists declined to make a judgment.

Goldwater sued the now-defunct magazine for ,000 and won.

Psychopaths are essentially sociopaths and then some.

They are people whose sociopathy becomes more dangerous (to themselves and others) for reasons not always well understood.

More dangerous in the sense that, when triggered by social or environmental factors, they are willing to take bolder actions that could harm others. In fairness, Trump seems at times genuinely empathic.

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