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BY STEVEN FINDLAY The resurgent debate about President Trump’s mental health prompts me to update a piece I wrote for THCB last June. It’s also the one-year mark of the Trump presidency. (More about those results below.) Nearly every major newspaper and magazine has run stories.

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The book’s 28 essays put scholarly and academic meat on the bones of the speculative psychoanalyzing and character assessment (some would say assassination) that has grown in intensity since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. But you may not be familiar with others, such as: narcissistic personality disorder and “extreme present hedonism.” Malignant narcissism consists of antisocial behavior, paranoia, and, most notably, sadism—in addition to the usual narcissistic traits of (a) persistent exaggeration and grandiose statements about one’s self and achievements, (b) the belief that one is superior to other people, (c) needing and expecting constant praise from others, (e) ever-present defensiveness.

The authors examine almost every angle of Trump’s character and behavior, and present a portrait of a man with a somewhat unique confluence of dysfunctions and personality traits. “Extreme present hedonism” is characterized by living in the present moment in a way that denies, negates or dismisses what has happened in the past (even perhaps just the day before or hours before) or what consequences one’s statements and actions might have for the future. His flaming and frightening narcissism can’t really be disputed at this point, and the paranoia and sadism have become more evident over the past year. Or the constant tweets with shocking personal attacks, even on people who are highly regarded public figures (like Meryl Streep).

The other 1,228 psychiatrists declined to make a judgment.

Goldwater sued the now-defunct magazine for $50,000 and won.

And, of course, it’s a topic of discussion and banter almost everywhere you go.

Lawmakers have finally joined in, too, after reluctance for the better part of 2017. Articles have begun to pop up in medical journals, too—most recently Dr.

Psychopaths are essentially sociopaths and then some.

They are people whose sociopathy becomes more dangerous (to themselves and others) for reasons not always well understood.

More dangerous in the sense that, when triggered by social or environmental factors, they are willing to take bolder actions that could harm others. In fairness, Trump seems at times genuinely empathic.

Most recently, he has expressed support on numerous occasions for allowing the DACA population to gain permanent residence in the U. And throughout the debate over the ACA, he expressed support for legislation that was compassionate.

Thus, while the Goldwater Rule is meant to apply only to mental health professionals, it de facto extended for decades to the media. The media is clearly not going to play along anymore—with Trump and likely any president that follows him.

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