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This practice dated back to Soviet times when lines for just about everything were so long that it was impossible to get something done if you just occupied one single line.Houses entrances, rest rooms and some other public areas may not be well cared for.There is widely accepted notion in Russia that there is a "soul" that makes Russians different - a sort of sadness born of oppression that demands a different social order.

Always remember that what you consider normal behaviour may seem strange to your Russian friends.

Two things that newly arrived expatriates often find particularly troubling are the fact that Russians can seem very rude and that they rarely smile in public. You may encounter it at supermarkets, at the post office, in public transport.

You will find that your Russian friends can easily recite entire poems or passages from their favourite books.

They generally have a very good knowledge of world history, geography and the arts, and this is true regardless of the person's education or occupation.

The majority of the country's population lives in European Russia (the part of Russia lying west of the border with Siberia) with the largest population centers being Moscow and St. Most families have no more than one or two children, who are the center of the family focus.

The Russian people have traditionally been molded and directed from cradle to grave, creating individuals who assumed little responsibility for themselves.They tend to be pushy while getting on public transport and in the metro you will find that people try to get on while others are still trying to get off.The same applies to lines at meat and cheese counters in supermarkets, where it can be difficult to figure out where the line starts and who is there first.Russians love reading everything from classical literature to translations of contemporary foreign authors.They read on the metro, while they wait, and at home.There is also an inherited notion from "village Russia" that people who smile for no reason must be simpletons.

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