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Always remember that what you consider normal behaviour may seem strange to your Russian friends.

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They are slowly learning how to take charge of their own lives, but the chasm between the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick and the skilled and the unskilled continues to widen.

Traditional Russian values and core beliefs include: love of children, respect for the old, sense of humour, strong people-orientation, importance of friendship, generosity, pride, patriotism, love of literature and arts, nostalgia, self-sacrifice, apathy, conservatism, aversion to change, caution, collectivism, pessimism and cynicism.

Russians love reading everything from classical literature to translations of contemporary foreign authors.

They read on the metro, while they wait, and at home.

Russians are strong people, able to endure hardship and extreme climate with submission and patience.

Generally, Russians are very well educated and have a sound knowledge of literature, history and politics.

Defeated by harsh weather, a tumultuous history and the general malaise that ensued, Russians seem to value the status quo and are reluctant to change.

Security, stability, and conservatism were always held in high regard; but at the same time you will see new phenomena such as the absence of concern about the future, free spending and easy and quick adaptation of foreign practices in the younger generations in larger cities.

This practice dated back to Soviet times when lines for just about everything were so long that it was impossible to get something done if you just occupied one single line.

Houses entrances, rest rooms and some other public areas may not be well cared for.

Many foreigners find the Russian people an enigma - surprisingly nostalgic about their past yet cautiously optimistic about the future - patient but curious about the possibilities of freedom.

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