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Of course, her can't hold out for ever and he eventually ejaculates with all he has. Rather then focusing all attention to just the one important body part I prefer to see images of beatiful completely naked male female couples using their whole body to please each other in exactly the same way as shown in this film A lovely, truly beautiful film. Let's also have the masseur using her mouth and tongue and nipples to pleasure the recipient to a climax.

A girl massaging a man and ending with her jerking him off to a (no doubt? As has already been intimated, the line between smut and sexy is so thin.

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Like the man on the table, the viewer is teased by the gentle use of her hands, and the viewer can also feel the massaging of his own penis as if she was uniquely caressing it.

But the masseuse continues to tease the man, allowing him to rise to an erection on several occasions yet gently letting him down before he reaches his climax. Every man receiving so much skill full attention of wonderful fingers is to result in this explosive ending.

It is so very easy to visualize myself in his place.

However, I simply do not understand how a guy can get massaged in such a manner for anything over 30 minutes at the outside without a completion and maintain both an erection and his composure.

That is, if one partner in a sexual context is naked then, (in principle), so should the other be.

It's a matter for me, (as a nudist), not only of aesthetic pleasure but also of natural equality because, if one of the partners is clothed that represents a situation of psychological superiority over the unclothed one.I am strongly in the camp of those who appreciate both genders.I have no hang-ups about seeing a beautiful woman bring a guy such pleasure.At some point in time it becomes cruel and unusual punishment. I just wish it were would have been only 10 minutes or so lol...I have enjoyed many such massages in my life and must enjoy mutual touching to make it truly pleasurable, to say nothing of not leaving the table painfully frustrated. PLEASE continue to use a majority of male models with foreskins, it is really much much more sexy (and of course it is the standard for most of the world). I don't know why some are turned ART.reason I suppose some of the massuse-massages are clothed is to put the light on the recipient of the massage, to feel how they are feeling, what they are feeling and as for if it bothers me to see a man nude, no, I love seeing the woman nude of course but we guys should have some orgasms too.I love the concept of a sensual massage/hand-job video, which is basically what this boils down to.Certinly wee both have been studing the Double Climax Massage I have learned quite a lot from that video. We hope to see more of the same Lave Rusty_hp & Gf I'll agree with the others on here.

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