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In sexual contexts, equality should be a fundamental principle.

So I would prefer all the participants to be naked.

As several members have said, a lot of practical, useful techniques can be learned from observing such activities and then put into beneficial practice in one's own personal relationships.

Bien à vous Eric This is an art form I have never seen. I see, as is my pleasure many women being brought to Cimax.

This is the only one I have seen where a man is allowed to reach his goal at the end of the session. My GF and I have been studing this artristry togather, I hope she will learn to have the parience to do this for me.

That is, if one partner in a sexual context is naked then, (in principle), so should the other be.

It's a matter for me, (as a nudist), not only of aesthetic pleasure but also of natural equality because, if one of the partners is clothed that represents a situation of psychological superiority over the unclothed one.

I do recognise, however, that some masseuses (or masseurs), might not want to be naked in front of the cameras and, if so, their wishes should be respected.

The masseuse demonstrated admirable skills in keeping her partner aroused for more than 30 minutes before provoking the anticipated ejaculatory release.

His orgasm at the end is astonishing and the sheer volume leaves me jaw dropped.

While making me very jealous of his great dick and super orgasm, this video leaves me to do only one thing... so sexy - shame we couldn't see her face; i bet she was smiling at the end I am bi so I suppose I'm bias ;-) But the simplicity of natural quality of this are so attractive on the eye Bonjour Eloise depuis Bordeaux, Je suis trouve comme vous tres belle cette video, notamment par la lenteur des gestes, ce qui fait tout l'art et le plaisir du tantra, qu'il s'agisse de masser le lingam ou le yoni.

I'm really enjoying all the beautiful models on your site, especially Patricia, but keeping wanting more from them - maybe a prostate massage, maybe a blow job, but i guess you've crossed the line at that point All good though - especially for someone who can appreciate flesh in all forms ;-) WOW!!!

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