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Aside from the movie the two are now true love birds despite Dante found it hard to accept her approval she finally gave in to him and they had their first child in 2015 in November the 23rd.

If you just get to talk to them you will just admire them and just get inspired with their lives.

They do not even the meaning of last in their lives they know what true love is.

This is the latest love team that will take your breath away because they have tried their level best to be the best love team and their efforts have brought them where they wanted to be.

They have worked hand in hand together to produce the best love team of all times I the Philippines.

In real sense they started after Kim broke up with her boyfriend.

They confessed that during an interview on “Kris TV” on 2013 July 30th.

Actually they are acting in the latest series called Ön the wings of love”, it is the first television series from primetime.

Well these ones met a bit earlier in and had done quite a number of movies together which actually have proven them to be among the best love team.

Not knowing that they will come to act together, they were just guest hosts in the well renowned morning show ABS-CBN.

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