interracial dating las vegas - Erich gonzales dating xian lim

In real sense they started after Kim broke up with her boyfriend.

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They have also produced multiple movies beside the teen movie like “Princess and I” , “Got to believe and many others which have made them to become one of the best love teams in the Philippines.

Even by looking at a photo that they have taken together you will know that the two make the best couple together.

Love is a very rare thing to find nowadays and seeing people who have broken all odds in life and loving each other for better or for worse.

It is something worth noting that is why we have taken note of these lovely couples who have undergone situations which are worse and they have made it to good times together.

So, these above are the top 10 most popular Loveteams in Philippines 2018.

Beside having that closeness of acting in various movies some have proven to be worth it of each other and have even gone a step further of getting married in real sense and have even formed families with each other this shows that the love teams can be more than that and become couples.

They met back in the year 2014 and acted the well-known movie Panget”.

They went on to act the movies like “Talk back and you are dead” and “Para prasa”.

If you just get to talk to them you will just admire them and just get inspired with their lives.

They do not even the meaning of last in their lives they know what true love is.

They lead the list because they one of the bestselling movies like “nino” and “Seasons of love”.

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