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Elliot in particular was so incredibly thankful to all of GOT7’s fans for making the meeting happen.

It’s no doubt the two American artists have found out how popular K-Pop artists are, thanks to I GOT7’s!

He recently released a collaboration track with Bangladeshi–American DJ/producer Sanjoy titled "OBVI." It's been 10 years since I've been to the Pasadena civic auditorium...10 years since the green mile on @americanidol season 5...thanks so much for inviting @sanjoyd @russellali12 & I out the #got7 show tonight! .thanks to ALL of your fans for the incredible amount of love and support this past week!

Elliot yamin dating

The highlight was Anna Wintour’s appearance, walking up to Charlize, whispering something in her ear and then quickly drifting away.

It appears GOT7 member Youngjae finally got his wish as he had the chance to meet with one of his favorite artists, American singer Elliott Yamin.

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Copyright Anna Thiessen)(The Bachelorette's Jillian Harris and Pomp & Circumstance's Lori Bizzoco by Jakes)I had the opportunity to go back stage and ask Jillian the burning, dying question on every women’s mind, “Where did you get those fabulous boots you wore on the show?

Dior Being that Jakes is originally from South Africa, our first stop was Dior where Charlize Theron (a South African beauty) hosted the evening as the new face of J’adore and signed the September issue of Vogue magazine whose cover she graces.

Elliot noticed the messages and commented on it immediately, thanking everyone for their immense support and responding back to Youngjae.

Excited by the interactions between Youngjae, Elliot and Sanjoy, GOT7 fans started posting clips of Youngjae singing and tagging the two artists.

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Both singers proudly posted photos on their respective Instagram pages.

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