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Most busy professionals don't have the time and resources for meeting other single, successful people outside of their own office, industry or social circle.

Few people have experienced the true luxury and privilege of living in both New York City and Los Angeles during their lifetime.

Elite dating los angeles

Clubs in NYC are a whole lot darker, louder and messier.

A night out in Los Angeles means you're most likely standing around in a well-lit bar that calls itself a club.

Learn to deal with passive aggressive behavior from your close peers and family members - especially if your small-talk consists of how great the weather is in LA.

They'll be livid to hear that the weather is never an issue for you.

Gas prices are up by a couple of dollars per gallon in LA.

According to the Los Angeles Times, gas prices are set to jump up by 30 more than cents to close out February.The only time a New Yorker can ensure a clear sidewalk for more than two blocks is right after the one brutal snowstorm of the year takes place.Other than that, it's pedestrian city - even in residential neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, Kips Bay, Harlem and Murray Hill.In New York, as long as you stay in Manhattan, it's damn near impossible to get lost thanks to the easy-going street grid.If I had a dollar for every time I've gotten into a car with a Lyft or Uber driver that claims they've lived in Los Angeles for decades and still got lost, I'd make Donald Trump look like the face of poverty.In New York, having a car is pointless with all of the other easily accessible forms of transportation and parking in the Big Apple is utterly impossible.

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