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In the letter, Wamsley shared that the school had issues with “distractions resulting from the students allowing themselves to get caught up in romantic issues and the drama that follows.” He then wrote these bullet points that would put children in Friday detention.They included: - Going steady/dating another student - Discussion of others dating (boyfriend/girlfriend talk) - Spreading rumors or messages of "who likes who" - Showing public displays of affection (holding hands, passing love -notes, bringing gifts, etc.) - Any other romantic gesture that distracts from learning in the class Wamsley also wrote, "I know you share our belief that elementary school is no place for boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.

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Children between the ages of five and thirteen have more appropriate and important areas on which to focus their energies and attention." Krystal Hurst told WFAA, "My first thought was, that was really harsh.

As parents, we should be talking to our children about what those feelings mean, when it's appropriate to shows those in a public setting, when it's OK to have those feelings, and that those feelings aren't wrong." Hurst is a former teacher who taught fourth grade for several years.

as long as the lunch monitors aren't looking, of course.

Holiday Heights Elementary Principal Michael Wamsley had sent parents an interesting letter in late February.

I'm in a relationship now, and I'm really freakin' happy, and sometimes I wonder what things would be like if I was just more honest and upfront with my feelings before my boyfriend and I started dating.

Maybe I would've gotten a lot happier a lot faster.I think things would've been different if I recognized that feeling as a crush. Once that person knows you're into them, don't stop reminding them (unless they actually tell you that they're not interested in you).That doesn't necessarily mean blowing them kisses across the classroom or chasing them through the dining hall, but love notes were and will always be cute. Chandler told me he wasn't into me when he tossed a chunk of ice at my forehead at recess.The trial is scheduled to resume on Tuesday at p.m. The social and power struggles that began in preschool get more dramatic, more important and more complicated as girls go into elementary school.He was not a student at Morna Heights but lived in the area and hung around the school during the period in question when he got to know Hunt, the courtroom heard Monday. In a videotaped statement, which was played in Saint John Court of Queen's Bench, the complainant told police one incident occurred in the principal's office."It ended up with him performing oral sex on me," he said.

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