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Just two years later, Dauberval mounted the work, now re-titled La Fille mal gardée, for London’s Ballet of the King’s Pantheon Theatre.

Other productions followed in Venice, Naples, Marseille and Lyon.

But even though they know of the great difficulty in finding a man after 25, they are still single.

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How is it possible that a woman who is hyper-aware of how hard it is to find a man after her physical peak and who had several options to land a beta male is still single?

The answer: they have severe issues that make them undatable.

An archive from 1962, recorded by the BBC with the Royal Ballet of London and the star dancer Nadia Nerina.

La Fille mal gardée (literal translation: The Badly Guarded Girl), was presented at its 1789 Bordeaux premiere as Le Ballet de la paille, ou Il n’est qu’un pas du mal au bien (The Ballet of Straw, or There is Only One Step from Bad to Good).

She also doesn’t see me as a marriage parachute before hitting the dreaded 30.

This is a shame because I expect an exploding population of yoga-practicing older women to hit European streets in the next ten years, but I can clearly see them as the damaged goods that they are.

European women are not as delusional as American women in thinking that she can postpone marriage forever.

This is why the most elegant and feminine women in Eastern Europe are those who are older—they understand that a strong feminine essence is required to land a man.

Comme chaque année, ce nouveau FIFA devrait proposer de nouvelles équipes ainsi que des nouveaux stades.

Selon EA, un nouveau système de tir serait en développement pour le jeu, celui-ci ayant été vivement critiqué dans FIFA 16.

An available Eastern European girl who is 30 years old is equivalent to a 40-year-old American woman because her loneliness persists in spite of her advanced mating knowledge and upbringing in a far more traditional environment.

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