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If you want to remove them you will need to run the "remove" option before you delete the App Image.This does not affect any scores created with any version of Muse Score.

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A new window will appear, showing your language at the top - see below.

As then indicated, you will have to exit and reopen Muse Score for changes and updates to take effect.

Drag and drop the Muse Score icon to the Applications folder icon.

If you are not logged in as administrator, mac OS may ask for a password: click and enter your password to proceed.

Since Muse Score is a self-contained application you can simply copy the application to the '/Application' folder on the target machines.

It is also possible to install multiple versions of the application as long as their names differ.

Dependencies are included in the one App Image file.

Before you download an App Image, you need to know your processor's architecture. Before you can use the App Image you need to give permission for it to be run as a program.

If you prefer, there is still the option to get it the traditional way via your distribution's package manager (but you may have to wait for it to get packaged by the relevant maintainer). The App Image format is a new way of packaging Linux applications.

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