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Today, however, tents are allowed during Black registration and only 10 people must sleep in the tent.

Blue registration is the next period, in which a tent can register at any time before approximately two weeks prior to the game; after this, White registration goes into effect, which is significantly more complicated.

K-ville is also a social function at Duke, as many students participate at least once.

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From the beginning of tenting in early January (although the first tents usually appear between Christmas and New Year's Day) for the first two weeks, tents of 12 must have 2 people in the tent during the day and 10 people each night.

For the next two weeks, tents must have 1 person in the tent during the day and 6 people each night.

As many as twelve people can occupy a specific tent group (a tent group may contain up to two physical tents).

As regulated by Duke Student Government, there must be a certain number of students in the tent at regular, periodic checks.

It is often mistakenly referred to as a ticket line.

However, there are no student tickets; students are admitted from the line an hour and a half before each game.

There are three types: Black registration, which is the longest and most intense option in which the use of actual tents was forbidden in the past.

In addition to this, all 12 tenters used to sleep in K-ville during black tenting.

Krzyzewskiville is named for Mike Krzyzewski, often called "Coach K", the much loved coach who has helped make Duke's basketball program one of the best in the nation.

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