Doughnut theory of dating

An elliptic curve is not an ellipse, rather it is a complex torus, or doughnut shape."You can think of it as a doughnut together with specific, delicate configurations of rational points that are very carefully placed," Duncan says.

Feminist economists have long emphasized that the monetary economy also depends upon unpaid caring work—carried out in the “reproductive economy”—in which mothers and wives (because it is predominantly women) raise children, and nourish and nurture workers so that they are ready to be productive each day.

The monetized economy could not function without the reproductive economy, but the invaluable goods and services it provides are unpriced and unpaid, and so are ascribed no value.

Both the ATLAS and the periodic table contain quirky characters that may -- or may not -- exist in nature.

Four super heavy elements with atomic numbers above 100, for example, were discovered in 2016 and added to the periodic table.

This team demonstrates that the practice of making moral assessments conditionally is very effective in ...

Mathematicians have designed an encryption code capable of fending off the phenomenal hacking power of a quantum computer.So no wonder I got a huge rush of adrenalin the first time I saw the image of nine planetary boundaries (fig. Under too much pressure from human activity, any one of these processes could be tipped into abrupt and even irreversible change.To avoid that risk, the scientists proposed boundaries to avoid the danger zone of each process (such as setting a boundary of 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to prevent dangerous climate change).That's important, because these objects underlie some of the hardest questions at the very horizon of number theory." Elliptic curves may sound esoteric, but they are part of our day-to-day lives.They are used in cryptography -- the creation of codes that are difficult to break.And that’s a problem because it is fundamentally wrong.

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