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Regardless whether we take our time, or just enjoy a quick fuck, the emotion is the same.

We've been together for almost three months now, and I can't imagine my life without him in it.

"Sorry, Em," I address our intrusion, "Didn't know you were here.""Uhm… He is lucky we are partially covered by the sheet, or he would have gotten an eyeful.

He sets up a steady rhythm, pulling out slowly before driving back into me forcefully.

It's all I can do to hold onto him and enjoy the ride. I love when he loses himself in me like this, love watching him so uninhibited, falling apart and coming together at the same time.

Our unspoken agreement to sleep naked works to my advantage, because one of his hands immediately moves to play with my nipples. He mumbles something incoherent while I continue to work on getting him naked.

Whatever he is trying to tell me, it dies on a strangled groan when my fingers wrap around his thick cock.

I've come close to telling him I love him on several occasions over the last few weeks, but I'm waiting for the perfect moment to tell him, wanting it to be special. Any day now I might just blurt it out at the most random moment."Yo, Ed, where's the – oh shit!

" Emmett suddenly booms, much too close for comfort. Meanwhile, I barely manage to contain my laughter."So that's what you were trying to tell me," I whisper in his ear, placing a light kiss on his jaw. walk the puppies before going into the shop," he explains, doing his best to look anywhere but at us.

"Just tell me where the leashes are and I'll get out of your hair.""Basket under the coat rack," I manage to point out, while Edward decides to ignore his friend's presence and continue to consume me."Got it," he replies gratefully, tossing a wave our way before closing the bedroom door and calling out to the puppies to follow him."I thought he was gonna set up camp in that doorway," Edward mutters as he resumes his pace.

I'm unable to muster a response, because he hits a most delicious spot deep inside of me.

They must hear the key turning in the lock, because they jump off the bed even before I hear the front door opening.

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