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However, when you leave the company and the card gets closed – you will see a drop in your available credit and thus an increase in utilization.You’ll eventually also lose that healthy history off your report, so be sure your corporate card it isn’t your only credit card.Credit scores have become an incredibly popular personal finance topic in recent years.

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If your company is late making a payment, then the derogatory mark can show up on your credit report and impact your credit.

You could have the option of asking your company if you can use a personal credit card and just get reimbursed monthly.

If you are the one applying for the card, at a credit inquiry is likely to be on your credit report and potentially the monthly activity.

Often the positive monthly activity is not reported, but if it is, then it can help improve your credit score (assuming you behave responsibly).This would be more common for small businesses instead of large corporations.Other companies may require you to fill out the application and run a credit check in order to receive the card.See if it gets reported to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis or if there was even an inquiry for you to get the card.If you filled out the application for the card – there might be a credit inquiry and a small hit on your credit report.Shen Lu is a personal finance reporter at Magnify Money.

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