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The journey, welcoming ceremony and hosting of the True Cross of the Holy Monastery of Xeropotamou occurs every year without fail to this village from the year 1768 and probably even longer every Palm Sunday.

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This is due to a great miracle that occurred in the eighteenth century in this village.

The village was plagued by a deadly disease which was affecting all of the inhabitants.

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In the Catholicon (Main Church) of the Holy Monastery of Xeropotamou, thirteen pieces of the True Cross of Jesus Christ are treasured, four large pieces in ancient reliquaries and nine smaller pieces which are also housed in reliquaries with other relics of saints.

It is quite likely that all of these pieces of the True Cross were originally one large and unique piece, most likely of the piece that was donated to the monastery by the Eastern Roman Emperor (Byzantine) Romanos Lekapinos I. Instagram: Maniac Facebook: Maniac Twitter: Maniac Oh, and I WROTE A BOOK! It's filled with the most amazing facts you've never heard! Snapchat: Santoro Instagram: Santoro Facebook: Santoro Twitter: Santoro Follow my DAILY AMAZING FACT account - The Fact Maniac!The reliquary in which the second piece is housed also has small piece of the holy relics of the Forty Martyrs and the relic of St.Modest, archbishop of Jerusalem the Martyr who is considered the protector of animal farmers.It exudes a faint fragrance which is not anything like a natural or made perfume.

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