Differences between european american dating

Although 2.2 million Bosnians live in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2 million Bosnians also live in Turkey as a kind of second motherland.

Moreover 3.2 million Albanians live in Albania, while as a second motherland 2 million Albanians live in Turkey.

Differences between european american dating

Therefore, in Turkey, the Balkan-originated community has a strong lobby and in the government and business cycles is very influential.

Moreover, most of them still have strong ties with their relatives in The Balkans.

Bulgarians, Serbs, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Romanians, and Greeks are Orthodox, while Croatians and Slovenes are Catholic.

Bosnians and two thirds of Albanians are Muslim, the rest being Orthodox.

ISIS, which was artificially created to redraw the borders of Middle East, is about to be defeated in Iraq and Syria by the ongoing military operations in Mosul and Raqqa, the center of ISIS.

After ISIS’s end, there can be a sort of temporary break in military clashes in the Middle East.

The US may select the second option thanks to the balancing and mediating Russian efforts to prevent any direct clashes among the Middle Eastern countries.

The Balkans may be the most appropriate candidate for the US due to its geopolitical structure, historical conflicts, and ethnic and religious diversity.

All the countries are members of NATO and the EU or candidates.

But as explained below, the reality on the ground is very different than it appears, and the EU- and US-oriented countries may go to war with each other.

Although all the nations in Balkans have independent states, almost all of the countries have internal minority problems.

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