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They are married in a private ceremony at Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)'s estate in March 1993.

In 1994, Bill Bell had a delusional Drucilla sleep with Malcolm while she was married to Neil, leaving Dru pregnant, with both her and Malcolm unsure of the baby's paternity, while Neil believed he was the father.

Bell chose not to follow up on this plot point, leaving it unresolved until 2005 when then-Executive Producer, John F.

They also have to deal with their daughter's troubles as Lily becomes involved with Internet predator and hebophile Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart), who infects her with chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.

Neil and Dru meet juvenile delinquent Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) in 2004.

They end up reuniting romantically and remarry in 2003.

They become entangled in business issues as he works for Newman Enterprises and she works for Newman's rival, Jabot Cosmetics. Give them enough time, and they'll likely be Happily Married by then. If it isn't, when the rest of it happens to them they'll have each other.Contrast with Maybe Ever After, which is when a romance arc ends without clearly confirming anything. President of Powers Communication, a Hamilton-Winters Group acquisition Partner in Hamilton-Winters Group Partner in Abbott-Winters Foundation Former Manager of the research project headed by Dr. Over the years, Neil's storylines have involved his marriages to Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell), as well as his conflict with his half-brother Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore).In 1991, rising Jabot Cosmetics executive trainee Neil Winters becomes involved in a love quadrangle with Drucilla Barber (Victoria Rowell), Olivia Barber (Tonya Lee Williams), and Nathan Hastings (Nathan Purdee).

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