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The funny thing is threads like this disprove the meme that DL thinks all actors are gay.

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Some 'in the know' have said the chat may have taken place before that, but that it was supposedly with another male (and supposedly got more explicit). Unlike with Tiger Woods with all the proof and women coming forward, the real scandal here was that it was Duchovny himself announcing that he was going to sex rehab for sexual addiction.

There has been no evidence to prove that it was with a girl..if it was, why would it show up exclusively on a gay male blog first (it never showed up anywhere else before that)? (Apparently someone who knew this was trying to make money by breaking the story to the press/tabloids whatever, so Duchovny wanted to beat him to it and make the announcement himself.)His announcement that he was a sex addict and getting help for it in rehab was what resulted it it being called the "Most Shocking Scandal of 2008."There are rumors here on DL and other places that Duchovny and Leoni were in a marriage of convenience and both playing for the other team.

I think the bottom line is is that many of us need to stop looking for Celebs to be role models for glbt people and start becoming your own role models. LOL I mean, gay people are CLUMPED in with other categories that don't even make sense.

If you feel there needs to be more public attention to GLBT causes and a face you have to put on that face. Be ya own star, and out if you want to be.[quote]do you go around claiming to be straight, bearding with a girlfriend wherever you go? He says he is straight and shows up with a girlfriend even though he was on Dude Tube showing his ass. SMART and complex people out there really may not relate to the "gay community," choosing instead NOT to be labeled and put in with those with whom they cannot relate.

We need to focus more on our community than to people who we will never meet like people on this list. Neither do a bunch of these ppl some don't consider out, such as Bomer. And Colton Haynes appears to have gotten a lawyer to sue to have his XY gay boyfriend kissing pics removed. That you have emotionally intimate romantic relationships with same sex partners? It is not the same thing as not being FOR GAY RIGHTS or EQUALITY.

For them, only public pronouncements will do for them to be considered out, even if they live their lives as "out" in every other way. neither does Anderson cooper, or queen latifah and many other people on the list. Perhaps because in 2011 the label of "gay" sometimes evokes the worst of the subculture that many people just don't relate to it or define themselves by the constricting label or the construct. Everyone should have the right to marry whomever he loves, gender and race neutral. But to call oneself gay in 2011 does not really work for a lot of people. Perhaps THAT is what some of these stars are about, rather than being "afraid to come out" or some such nonsense. If you are attracted to members of your own sex and not to members of the opposite sex you are gay. STRAIGHT men are "attracted" to each other for friendship.

When you're a public figure, a public announcement or acknowledgement of your same sex partner/attraction is necessary for you to be considered out.

There are too many ways of explaining away pictures, kisses, hand-holding, inner circle knowledge, etc.

people are living their lives openly in their private time but not making an announcement to the world like most of us....

That reminds me of something David Hyde Pearce said - "My life is an open book but that doesn't mean I have to read it to people"as David Ehrenstein correctly wrote in his book "Open Secret - The History of Gay Hollywood", until a celebrity says the words "I am gay", they will not be considered gay or referred to as gay by the media.

This pic raises more questions than those pretty innocuous caps. The real photo that's taken from is Matt Lanter with his current girlfriend. (Which is easy to do re; his show Californication.)The gender was never specified.

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