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This pic raises more questions than those pretty innocuous caps. The real photo that's taken from is Matt Lanter with his current girlfriend. (Which is easy to do re; his show Californication.)The gender was never specified.I known I've said it numerous times in both the Matt Lanter thread and the Colton Haynes thread (and I don't want to sound like a broken record), that those Matt Lanter screencaps did show up on Dudetube shortly after (literally several days after) the gay blog opened its own video chatroom. All that was ever said by Duchovny (and Tea Leoni) was that his addiction was to online porn and sex chat rooms etc.I think the bottom line is is that many of us need to stop looking for Celebs to be role models for glbt people and start becoming your own role models. LOL I mean, gay people are CLUMPED in with other categories that don't even make sense.

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Of course, the world NEEDS more people like that to be "out there." Men with integrity, morals, character, intellect, self esteem and a sense of humor. But they are eviscerated by posters here who think that they should all be OUT OUT OUT. If anything an out gay always has someone defending him (yeah, him, not sure the same is true for lesbians).r70, unclench and drop those pearls.

Not even understanding that some of the celebs mentioned in this thread ARE living their lives openly and comfortably They just don't have glitter shooting out of their asses.[quote] even though he was on Dude Tube showing his ass. Dudetube's webmaster just put the dudetube logo on the caps. The way some celebs live is "Yes, I am gay and I might tell you IF it is any of your business. I don't lead with that." You know, like a COMPLETE, WHOLE PERSON? "And wasn't Duchovny addicted to sex with women a few years ago."Only if one assumes that.

You have to actually confirm it, no matter how 'obvious' it may be.

That is why even sites like Wikipedia will not list Jodie Foster as gay or in the LGBT actors section because she has never said those words.

But it needs to be public and beyond any shadow of a doubt. i'm out to friends, and my fam my coworker know, common knowledge, I have never denied when asked but I don't talk about my sexuality on Facebook or social media sites... just because you live an honest and open life in ya day to day private life doesn't mean you have to tell EVERYONE. etc but they have a right to disclose what they want to or not.

R22 that isn't but other's on the list are out, just don't announce it. I don't think public figures just because their gay and glassed off have to be held to different standards than any of us. I have a public, local job but when i'm speaking to an audience, even if its a GLBT as it often is i'm not obligated to say oh yeah, i'm gay...

Some 'in the know' have said the chat may have taken place before that, but that it was supposedly with another male (and supposedly got more explicit). Unlike with Tiger Woods with all the proof and women coming forward, the real scandal here was that it was Duchovny himself announcing that he was going to sex rehab for sexual addiction.

There has been no evidence to prove that it was with a girl..if it was, why would it show up exclusively on a gay male blog first (it never showed up anywhere else before that)? (Apparently someone who knew this was trying to make money by breaking the story to the press/tabloids whatever, so Duchovny wanted to beat him to it and make the announcement himself.)His announcement that he was a sex addict and getting help for it in rehab was what resulted it it being called the "Most Shocking Scandal of 2008."There are rumors here on DL and other places that Duchovny and Leoni were in a marriage of convenience and both playing for the other team.

The funny thing is threads like this disprove the meme that DL thinks all actors are gay.

As a whole the board really doesn't, there are only a subset of actors people assume are gay and they generally have had gay rumors for years and are pretty much certainly gay. I can't believe we have gone this long without mentioned Leonardo Di Caprio.

Does anyone on this board actually believe he is straight?

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