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Hot-glue ribbon, spiderweb, faux red roses brushed with black paint, and small bones to hat.

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They met in person after several months of 'courting' online, which Courtney's mother Krista was aware of, and marriage followed soon after. And it seems these nude courts are her favourite pair.

In the Big Brother house and out of it too, she's been spotted in many pairs, in varying colours.

Draw pumpkin design on metal can with permanent marker. With a nail and a hammer, poke holes every These night owls are a hoot!

Fabric, buttons, and mason jar lids bring burlap sacks to life.1. Stuff with pillow batting and baste-stitch closed with twine.

Absolutely the hottest girls from Thailand and Asia.

It seems that the women of Asia are getting more beautiful and more willing to do the wildest things.To make ears, gather top corners and tie with twine.2.For the eyes, cut two " orange burlap circles and sandwich each piece of fabric inside a canning jar lid; glue along inside edge to secure.3. Spray-paint a boxwood wreath black and dried leaves white; let dry.2. Stuff witch boots with batting and secure to legs by tying laces tightly.5.Bonus: Add some creepy crawlies by spray-painting plastic insects black, then arrange in an itch-inducing swarm up a wall using glue dots, then silver spray-paint a Bag of Bones and pile it in the fireplace.); LED Pillar Candle ( for 5;; Candelabra (;; Black taper candles ( for 14;; Galvanized tin Jack-o'-Lantern (;; plastic insects (;; Bag of bones (; a creepy graveyard gate out of a metal garden arbor flanked by foam-kickboard gravestones.A DIY friendly ghost plus a skulking store-bought skeleton cat, skeleton arms and rubber bats complete the scene. Sketch lower portion of ghost body onto white foam-core (it should be about 2' to 3' tall); cut out with utility knife.2.For flowers, soak corn husks in room-temperature water for two minutes; remove and blot excess water.

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