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Stenciled, halved Fun-Kins anchor a cascade of maple leaf garlands.

Add potted mums in apple baskets and sugar pumpkins striped with dried corn husks for a front door that will last into Thanksgiving.1. Use paintbrush to cover inside of holes with black acrylic paint; let dry. Arrange letter stencils (or print and cut out your own) on side of hay bale; secure with T-pins.

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Draw pumpkin design on metal can with permanent marker. With a nail and a hammer, poke holes every These night owls are a hoot!

Fabric, buttons, and mason jar lids bring burlap sacks to life.1. Stuff with pillow batting and baste-stitch closed with twine.

Instead, treat decorating as the perfect opportunity to spend time crafting with the kids.

With just a few store-bought materials and items you already have on hand, you can assemble these house decorations that are creative, charming and a blast to make.

For flowers, soak corn husks in room-temperature water for two minutes; remove and blot excess water.

To make a few petals at once, accordion-fold corn husk into "-wide corn husk strip, fold in half lengthwise, roll into tight swirl, and hot-glue onto a small cardboard circle.

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Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn't mean you have to break the bank buying decorations.

Twist one end into small swirl with pliers, then hot-glue to top of pinecone.3. If the letters don't show up right away, add a second coat of paint to make them pop.

Gather wire strands together, varying lengths to create a full, upside-down bouquet; secure with a twist tie. What you'll need: Display some or all of these items to set the mood. Add a candelabra, plus glittery tapers, a grinning votive, ghostly candles, and some fluttery bats.

Cut a center hole for harp, then hot-glue brim to bottom of shade and attach to lamp.3.

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