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ESPN has Jemele Hill call our president a white supremacist and is STILL employed there.

We spend a lot of money on this companies products just for them to use that money to cave into the left’s agenda of corruption.

I will make it a point not to purchase any of your products in the future. SO DISNEY AS ESPN BELIEVE ALL CAUCASIANS ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS?

THIS IS THE STANDARD OF ENTERTAINMENT THAT IS ACCEPTABLE? SO I THANK THE DISNEY OF THE PAST AND VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE THE STANDARDS OF DISNEY, ESPN AND ALL OF THEIR ENTITIES. Reply Your company has lost our household with ESPN forever!! Also, due to your company actions we will no longer visit any sites or purchase products associated with the Disney name. Reply Unless I see a corporate culture shift at ESPN, the network I have watched since it began during my high school years will no longer be welcomed in my home.

In this case ESPN ( and Disney ) supports her position and seems hesitant to take action. Reply I cannot express the utter disgust I have for Disney.

These people are out of touch and well over the line. As others have commented, this is NOT the Disney I grew up with.

Disney’s film studios stayed busy as well, averaging at least five or six releases per year.

including Lady and the Tramp in 1955, Sleeping Beauty in 1959, and 101 Dalmatians in 1961.

Walt’s first film was Alice in Wonderland in 1923 where a female actress interacted with animated characters. Originally named Mortimer, Walt’s wife, Lillian, disliked the name. Steamboat Willie, their first cartoon with sound, was a huge success.

In 1934, Disney began work on its first feature-length film, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs.

It is my hope that profits do not have to suffer before Disney issues an appropriate response to the public and Mr. Disney’s legacy should not be destroyed due to majority ownership in ESPN. ESPN is not responding to emails and this morning (Sep 16) The Disney Company’s Corporate Inquiries contact site is blocked.

Jemele Hill’s tweets concerning the President were outrageous, disrespectful and polarizing ( not to mention an outright lie ). Hill made these comments regarding a colleague or sports figure she would be gone. I am not going to support any Disney products until she is gone and we have no more of this unacceptable political drivel.

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