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Organizations who act like this don’t stay in business very long. Their epic decline of values and pushing LGBT on their TV shows and movies is vile.Their toxic politically correct culture is truly sickening. Depp threatens the president yet is still employed by this company.In this case ESPN ( and Disney ) supports her position and seems hesitant to take action. Reply I cannot express the utter disgust I have for Disney.

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They decide to remove an announcer because his name is Robert Lee???

Does the corporate office not see how many customers of Disney are insulted by these actions??

If it wasn’t farcical enough to give Caitlin Jenner the Arthur Ashe award (named for a truly courageous American), ESPN fires people like Curt Shilling for expressing his opinion and Jemele Hill, who might as well have called the President a pedophile, gets to keep her job? Well, take announcers with the name Robert Lee off of as many broadcasts as you would like…management is incompetent. The Hill comments are the straw the broke the proverbial camel’s back. Robert A Iger: Disney’s majority ownership position in ESPN makes the Disney Corporation responsible for the Mr. I will not watch ESPN again nor will I have anything else to do with Disney products and/or theme parks at this time.

At the end of the day, Disney and ESPN are profit driven.

The company’s most successful film of the 1960’s, however, was Mary Poppins, which received 5 Academy Awards, including a Best Actress award for Julie Andrews.

Walt Disney died of lung cancer in 1966 and Roy took over as CEO.

I will no longer be giving Disney or any of it’s sponsors my money.

This is sad because for me the were the standard in customer satisfaction as far as enjoying their parks but now that they own a good majority of the fake news media like ABC and ESPN, they spew their propaganda politics at us. Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter is on the board of directors and is not only censoring content but telling lies about our president which is destroying this country and our 1st amendment. You did this to yourselves through your blindness and greed.

EXCUSE ME, I NO LONGER CONSIDER DISNEY OR ESPN AS ENTERTAINMENT. And as the parent company of ESPN, I will no longer spend money on products or services related to Disney for my grandchildren.

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