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A fiery redheaded actress and a flirtatious Cuban musician found themselves undeniably attracted to each other, and the relationship that developed gave the American public not only groundbreaking entertainment, but one of the century's most passionate love stories.

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They later reconciled after talking and agreeing to pursue more projects where their professional lives would intersect.

The golden opportunity came when CBS decided to turn the radio program Lucy had been starring in into a TV show.

In preparation for the show, the pair formed Desilu, the first-ever independent television production company.

Ever the savvy entrepreneur, Desi convinced CBS to produce the show on film—an unconventional move for a time when reruns were unheard of—and haggled for ownership of all episodes, presumably to share with the couple's future children. All told, Desilu's profits reached million by 1961.

As Desi would later reveal in his memoir, the pressures of running a production company, coupled with the insecurities of what his daughter would later call being "Mr. After 20 years of marriage, Lucy could no longer tolerate Desi's drinking habit and infidelities, which had never fully subsided. Yet even after the marriage and show ended, and they each married other people, Lucy and Desi remained close.

Friends said neither one ever got over their breakup.

Desi, who had starred in the Broadway musical the film was based on, was a bandleader; Lucy was one of the film's stars.

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