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You have a lot of guys you can go on dates with, but what makes it difficult is finding a viable partner. They are extremely smart and logical and think, "I can apply that to a relationship and be rational and logical and that will work." They don't realize that as women, we can be emotional — a lot of guys don't have tolerance for that.

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Desi, who had starred in the Broadway musical the film was based on, was a bandleader; Lucy was one of the film's stars.

The match was unlikely from the start: She usually dated taller, older men and he was already engaged to someone else. From the start, friends say Lucy doted on Desi, eager to make him happy. If they sat down together and he needed more space, she'd scoot over.

"I found it surprising because she was such a strong, independent lady, but when it came to Desi, she was very old-fashioned," friend and actress Ruta Lee told.

After filming wrapped, Lucy embarked on a promotional tour and Desi went back to performing at nightclubs with his band.

A fiery redheaded actress and a flirtatious Cuban musician found themselves undeniably attracted to each other, and the relationship that developed gave the American public not only groundbreaking entertainment, but one of the century's most passionate love stories.

Lucille Ball, 28, and Desi Arnaz, 23, met while filming the RKO Studios movie (a fact that would come to be seen as an irony when Arnaz's womanizing played out later on).

They later reconciled after talking and agreeing to pursue more projects where their professional lives would intersect.

The golden opportunity came when CBS decided to turn the radio program Lucy had been starring in into a TV show.

In November 1940, six months after they'd first met, the pair eloped.

Desi continued to tour and the extended absences began to take a toll on the newlyweds.

In preparation for the show, the pair formed Desilu, the first-ever independent television production company.

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