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The challenge is that SCCM was tracking that the update had been download, but for some reason it wasn't in the location it was supposed to be.

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Err, SCCM is a pretty good product, and it can update content without bothering all the machines... You will see it refering a new version blah blah blah.

- I think you have a knowledge gap in regards to SCCM. I believe he is referencing this somewhat scary messagebox: "Are you sure that you want to refresh content for this deployment type?

Is there a way of updating the content without forcing a reinstall of machines that currently have the application installed?

This is a really stupid feature of the Application Model.

In the last blog we covered Distribution Point Groups and the new ways to distribute and manage content.

In this post we are going to cover monitoring the compliance of content and a new feature to validate content in the Configuration Manager 2012 infrastructure.Just update the package with a new scource version, thats it! Refreshing content will create a new revision of this application and may cause clients to be updated" This occurs when right-clicking a deployment type and selecting "Update Content". You dont need to change any of your adverts, just keep them as they are - new deployments moving forward will use the new source version. I haven't found documentation to suggest which scenarios will cause this to impact clients and which won't.From the Content Status Node we can see the information about each package such as Name, Type (Boot image, Application, Driver package, etc..), number of distribution points targeted, Compliance Rate and more.This view gives us the critical view in to content readiness on the per object level.The operating system reported error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.

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