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Bold matte lipstick can actually make your lips look smaller so this trick will help counter that effect.

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Matte lipstick is trendy and fun to wear, but it's not low-maintenance makeup.

You can't just throw it on and go, or you'll look more like you ate an orange and less like you're rocking Kylie Cosmetics' shade 22. With the help of makeup artist Lauren Urasek, we came up with the top ways to look flawless while rocking your best matte lip.

We like Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub because it's natural enough to lick it right off your lips.

This allows a little bit of powder to come through the tissue and deposit onto your lipstick.

After lining your pout, use the liner to color in your lips about halfway before applying the lipstick.

This will keep lipstick from fading, and it will help it all blend together better, too. Apply lip primer directly onto your lips to make the lipstick color stay true and keep it from bleeding.

But critics said his rigid stands left him no room for political compromise and lessened his influence, limiting his ability to help Alabama.

After his defeat, Denton founded the Coalition for Decency and lectured about family causes.

The powder provides tons of staying power, just like it does to your face makeup.

You don't want to put it directly on your lips though because it'll look cakey.4.

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