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One email making the rounds claimed that Le Bron James' mom (PICTURES) and Cavs teammate Delonte West were involved in a scandalous affair that destroyed the team's ability to play together.

TEXT OF THE EMAIL ALLEGATIONS: My uncle is the general contractor at the Q and has been for the last 7 years.

Pictured left is Le Bron with his mother Gloria and right, Lebron celebrating West's dunk against the Atlanta Hawks in 2009West painted the basement of the eight-bedroom home in Prince George County black and would spend hours down there.

Delonte west dating gloria james

I am not making this up, I wish it wasn't true but it happened.

Wait and see if lebron stays you will not see Delonte in a cavs uni again.

'Another pic of ex nba player #delontewest bro had hospital robe on like he escaped from the psych ward or some s***,' the fan said in his photo caption. 'West, who finished his time with the NBA with 4,000 career points, has a long history of off-court controversies, including an arrest and rumors that he had sex with Cleveland Cavaliers star Le Bron James's mother.

West has denied the 2010 rumor about James's mom for years, and said he didn't want his son to be a junior because he didn't want other kids asking him about the incident.

Here's former NBA player Delonte West -- looking worse for wear out in Houston earlier this week. the person who shot the photo is a huge basketball fan and said they noticed the former 1st round draft pick wandering around outside of a Jack in the Box around 10 PM all by himself with no shoes.

When the fan approached him and asked, "Are you Delonte West?

He is good friends with a lot of guys at the Q including some of the bigger boys in the organization and knows Gilbert personally.

I was just told from my brother that a very reliable source informed my uncle that Delonte has been banging Gloria James for some time now.

The two had been casual sex partners prior to the news.

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