Defining and validating chronic diseases

Three clusters were identified, Cluster 1 contained anxiety, depression exhaustion and sleep interference, Cluster 2 contained limited mobility, numbness and pain, cluster 3 included constipation, digestion problems and headache.

This information will be useful in developing new varieties of cannabis that are able to provide relief from multiple symptoms in a given cluster simultaneously.

Patients were predominantly male (68.4%, n=1,882) and Caucasian (80.3%, n=2,089).

Of the surveyed patients, 25.1% (n=580) smoked tobacco cigarettes, and 74.9% (n=1782) reported having previous experience with cannabis.

The most frequently reported conditions were anxiety disorder (31.7%, n=723), depression (31.6%, n=729), pain (29.5%, n=681), and sleep disorder (25.5%, n=589).

Understanding patient characteristics will be useful in informing the design of future clinical research initiatives and identifying the needs of patients using medical cannabis.

Bo Angela Wan (MPhil), Alexia Blake (MSc), Stephanie Chan (BSc(C)), Amiti Wolt (BA), Pearl Zaki (BSc(C)), Liying Zhang (Ph D), Marissa Slaven (MD), Erynn Shaw (MD), Carlo De Angelis (Pharm D), Henry Lam (MLS), Vithusha Ganesh (BSc(C)), Leila Malek (BSc(Hons)), Edward Chow (MBBS) and Shannon O’Hearn (MSc) Published in: Journal of Pain Management Medical cannabis is used to provide relief from a wide range of symptoms.

This paper presents the baseline demographics and characteristics of patients using medical cannabis in Canada.

Patients were invited to complete a voluntary online survey after registering with a single medical cannabis provider.

This paper also describes the effects on bioavailability of inhalation versus oral consumption of cannabis as well as describing the terpene components of cannabis that are likely to contribute to the clinical effects of cannabis.

Istok Nahtigal (MSc), Alexia Blake (MSc), Andrew Hand (MSc), Angelique Florentinus-Mefailoski (MSc), Haleh Hashemi (Ph D) and Jeremy Friedberg (Ph D) Published in: Journal of Pain Management 2016;9(4):481-491 ISSN: 1939-5914 Many of the drugs commonly used by doctors today were first discovered in plants.

This paper gives an overview of the medicinal uses of cannabis through the ages.

It also outlines the cannabinoid synthesis pathway responsible for producing THC and CBD in cannabis plants.

Significant improvements in anxiety, PTSD and sleep disorder were also observed.

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