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And of course, there were other rumours that she made verbal threats toward Ashley Greene, which are also untrue. Rumours are also going around that Demi was sniffing cocaine at some party in North Richland Hills, Texas.

I am very, very skeptical about that as they have no evidence whatsoever to back that up.

'It's not because someone told me that I'm supposed to do it, and not because I no longer want to do music, but because it's the feeling that I've felt I need to do this with my life,' Archuleta said at the time.

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Demi’s been dealing with ’emotional and physical issues’, according to her publicist, for a while now.

She posted a letter on the PACER’s Teens Against Bullying website last month, “.

So I’m gonna say this is just that and nothing more-a rumour.

By the way, her publicist’s statement; the statement read. And I definitely think she is responsible for getting the help she needed, so people really need to stop getting a horse up their butts about it.

1 rated show on TV among kids 6 to 11) plans to hop on those arena stages with her mic and maybe a guitar and just rock out.

But something told Pollstar that Disney would want a wee bit more production value.Kevin, Joe and Nick were so happy about their Teen Choice Awards victories, they blogged… READ MORE The yentas at "The View" -- on a road trip to Vegas -- muzzled David Archuleta when he started defending his stage-dad from hell -- so they could question Jeff himself from the audience. READ MORE Guess David Archuleta won't have to worry too much about that prom next year -- because he won't be going to Murray High!READ MORE Might as well call Jeff Archuleta "Geppetto," because it's clear he's still the puppet master behind the scenes of his son's career. David withdrew from school during his run through "American Idol." School…And yeah, there was that point where she completely lost her bat with a dancer on tour at the Peru Airport (where Greene was present, but like we clarified she had nothing to do with it), which was the last straw for her.But obviously that wasn’t the reason she decided to go to rehab… Everybody has their bad days, you’d think we’d be human enough to grant her a few?A rep for Jive Records told The Hollywood Reporter… During last night's ALCS game between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays -- Red Sox ace Daisuke Matsuzaka was on… today and it was actually Jeff Archuleta that signed the most autographs -- besting son David…

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