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Word’s been out and about that Demi Lovato left her tour with the Jo Bros to check into a medical treatment facility. It’s a little more complicate than just Ashley Greene (Joe Jonas’ new girlfriend) tagging along everywhere they went.

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1 rated show on TV among kids 6 to 11) plans to hop on those arena stages with her mic and maybe a guitar and just rock out.

But something told Pollstar that Disney would want a wee bit more production value.

And while people go on about this, they seem to completely forget that she’s only human-moreover, she’s 18, her whole life is under public scrutiny and if I was in her place, I would have snapped a Hell of a long time ago. I guess asking for the help is the hardest part and she’s overcome that.

I think if she’s asked for help, then she’s on a good road to recovery.

And of course, there were other rumours that she made verbal threats toward Ashley Greene, which are also untrue. Rumours are also going around that Demi was sniffing cocaine at some party in North Richland Hills, Texas.

I am very, very skeptical about that as they have no evidence whatsoever to back that up.

but to people who know the guy, it probably wasn't that shocking. READ MORE David Archuleta's dad is gonna be piiiiiiiissed ...

seems the former "American Idol" sensation has been given the heave-ho by his record label. READ MORE David Archuleta almost became a legend to the fans of Tampa Bay last night.

We’ve heard it all, from drug use to her secret boyfriend’s death.

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