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BTW, when I say "new way" I really mean "old way." My blog, the original one, esp for RSS support, had titleless posts years before RSS existed. So those that don't support them can't really claim to support RSS. Yesterday I got the backup routine working, and released the code.

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Like for example supporting a subset of Markdown in posts and comments. Also want to take a look at display on phones and tablets. And assuming their puppet stays in office, because what Congress of either party is going to impeach a president if they might get killed for their vote, how long before social networks are as regulated as those in China? Not sure we can do anything at this time to prevent it. So if they were paying attention, they know Scott too, from the early days of the web. Which he did, and now, pretty clearly, plans to use. Eventually his monopoly will break, and it will be a shock to him and the economy.

If you have any problems you'd like to report, here's a fresh thread to post in.8-minute podcast. Given that it's #nationalpuppyday, I once a long time ago had a puppy, a black lab named Bon Bon. We might come to think of Facebook as too big to fail.

I often watch Ari Melber's show on MSNBC, but when they turn to Facebook I get ready to be angry because they screw the story up so badly. He says he wants regulation but has lobbyists that worked against it. How long before Russian oligarchs murder a journalist in the US? She would greet people very enthusiastically, saying in her language. And by the way, I'm the puppy."Today's Daily podcast was a disaster. And they have no idea of the context that Facebook exists in, as far as they knew they FB has no competition (there is Google of course), there is no open web, and it probably never crossed their mind that lock-in might be a problem. Poor Zuck, never thought he would have to deal with these problems. Which btw, might have been a fair question to ask him too.

Great, you embarrass him, but the net-effect is they continue to destroy the open web. But Melber and the rest of the folks in the mainstream press have not found it. Brain trust query: I'm trying to use the iconv package in Node to translate from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8. Hopefully someone more experienced in Node and encodings can help find the problem. I love the Daily, but this is the problem, when they finally get to a subject you know well, we find out what we always find out. They will be listened to and assumed by default to know what they're talking about.

We don't want them to have any more leverage than they already have. We're so preoccupied with what happened two years ago. I suggest reading this piece written just before the election. I had to explain to a non-technical friend the significance of Google breaking HTTP in their browser. I've been building and living in a house for 24 years. Others have skeletal remains, and others have become porn sites because I forgot to go to City Hall and re-register the deed for that part of the property (a rule with no exceptions). It's a huge house for one person, but I call it home. Then Google comes into the house, uninvited, and says that electricity is too dangerous. They say you may not remember where all the wires are buried, but you must dig them up and replace them and rebuild your whole house from the ground up with the new system. Here's the thing -- I don't have to do what they say. It's just that people who use the new Google-powered system will get a big warning when they come to visit. My brain is somewhat adjusting to the new vision situation.

For those who have been following my eye infection saga, here and on Facebook, I am happy to report that the eye is now clear. Re Trump congratulating Putin even though his advisors put DO NOT CONGRATULATE on the crib sheet. We're going to run on new kind of power in our world. Since this neighborhood doesn't support the new kind of power, Google continues, you'll have to move the whole thing, too. I can go on living in the house and have parties just like before and stick with the original way of powering the place. I have five old pairs of glasses to try out and think I have settled on one tha's best for computer work. ;-)A podcast about Linux Journal, Doc Searls and why he became its new editor-in-chief.

I did a podcast (below) because that doesn't use my eyes for much. Doc, one of the Cluetrain authors, has a vision for advertising that works.

If it works, it will not only revolutionize advertising, it will also help get software development back on track. The other day a friend asked for a reference that showed the role I played in the bootstrap of podcasting.

With that in mind I have a basic question today, posted here. Also dereference the feed URL before adding a subscription. Still remaining -- use canonical URLs for existing subscriptions. In July 1979, I left a backup of my software project, a very early version of Think Tank, at my parents' house in Queens. 8-inch floppies, formatted in UCSD-Pascal on top of CP-M. ;-)Is it possible to let the users tell you what kind of marketing they want, instead of spying on them, and gathering all kinds of potentially damaging information, in an effort to guess what they want? They send a bulletin every morning of property for sale in each market. Yesterday we learned that John Bolton will be the new National Security Advisor.

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