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With that in mind I have a basic question today, posted here. Also dereference the feed URL before adding a subscription. Still remaining -- use canonical URLs for existing subscriptions. In July 1979, I left a backup of my software project, a very early version of Think Tank, at my parents' house in Queens. 8-inch floppies, formatted in UCSD-Pascal on top of CP-M. ;-)Is it possible to let the users tell you what kind of marketing they want, instead of spying on them, and gathering all kinds of potentially damaging information, in an effort to guess what they want? They send a bulletin every morning of property for sale in each market. Yesterday we learned that John Bolton will be the new National Security Advisor.I want to do that carefully because I'm still an SQL novice. But I hope it doesn't create the kind of hyper atmosphere we had in the early days. I want to move slowly and do tech that can last for another 20 years, and hopefully without all the fits and starts and major steps backwards. Back when I was doing all my server work in Frontier, I had a verb that, given a URL, would parse a feed and return a struct. When it came time to fix encoding in feed Base, I decided to invest in having it be that simple in Node. But if he uses the phone to threaten a witness, that's OOJ. How the hell we're going to read the disks is a good question, but this is lost software. The same idea could apply to almost everything I shop for. Trump found someone who's even crazier than he is about going to war.This is not a good thing for the web, or it may be a very good thing for the web. We're in a tight corner in the conversion of feed Base to Unicode support. Then I'm going to try the conversion so it can handle UTF-8 characters.

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It's more significant because Brent is developing a feed reader that will do a nice job of supporting titleless posts. It's amazing to me how slowly progress is made while people prove they don't have to listen to some other person. You don't have to listen to anyone (except a cop, or your mother). When you grant access to your Facebook account to someone else, they get access to the info you shared. When you give access to any other company, same deal. A dialog appeared asking if I really want to cancel. I expected it to fail because I hadn't updated the number. At least they don't show the reader a mangled version of my writing.

But you could listen, if you wanted to know what someone else thought? If you don't want them to have your info, don't grant them access. And I love that Twitter read what they wrote, and said they'd work with them. BTW lost in all the Trump hooplah, there was a successful teacher's march in West Virginia and Oklahoma, and one on the way in Arizona. You don't link from every word or even every noun, or from the subject of every sentence. Then there's the ones that repeat the body of titleless posts in the title.

We don't want them to have any more leverage than they already have. We're so preoccupied with what happened two years ago. I suggest reading this piece written just before the election. I had to explain to a non-technical friend the significance of Google breaking HTTP in their browser. I've been building and living in a house for 24 years. Others have skeletal remains, and others have become porn sites because I forgot to go to City Hall and re-register the deed for that part of the property (a rule with no exceptions). It's a huge house for one person, but I call it home. Then Google comes into the house, uninvited, and says that electricity is too dangerous. They say you may not remember where all the wires are buried, but you must dig them up and replace them and rebuild your whole house from the ground up with the new system. Here's the thing -- I don't have to do what they say. It's just that people who use the new Google-powered system will get a big warning when they come to visit. My brain is somewhat adjusting to the new vision situation.

For those who have been following my eye infection saga, here and on Facebook, I am happy to report that the eye is now clear. Re Trump congratulating Putin even though his advisors put DO NOT CONGRATULATE on the crib sheet. We're going to run on new kind of power in our world. Since this neighborhood doesn't support the new kind of power, Google continues, you'll have to move the whole thing, too. I can go on living in the house and have parties just like before and stick with the original way of powering the place. I have five old pairs of glasses to try out and think I have settled on one tha's best for computer work. ;-)A podcast about Linux Journal, Doc Searls and why he became its new editor-in-chief.

BTW, the next things I want to look at for feed Base -- getting a better handle on feeds you've subscribed to that we couldn't read. Not exactly sure how I want to do it, but I have ideas. I have the new package running inside feed Base now. You're welcome to use it in your projects as well, of course. Handle feeds that have special characters, such as feeds in German or Chinese, and merge duplicates, two or more URLs that point to the same feed. This is a long-term project, it's important to get it right. When I say "we" I mean of course "me" but also the readers of this blog. Reminds me of the line in the old Woody Allen movie Sleeper, where the main character, played by Allen of course, asks, 200 years in the future, how the world was destroyed.

Again, I'm going slow, considering every step carefully, using all the experience we've gotten in 21 years of feed parsing. If anyone from Facebook is listening, now would be a great time to do something kind and generous for the open web. Very different from the first time around with RSS apps when everything was a rush. I haven't been shy in my praise of Scott in the past. He's told that someone named Albert Shanker got hold of a nuclear warhead. Shanker was the kind of NYC-famous person who terrorized the city, but people outside the city wouldn't likely have heard of him. Shanker never did get a nuclear weapon, it was ludicrous, but honestly, no more ludicrous than Donald Trump getting one, much less the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States. Let people use Facebook not because it's the only choice, but rather because it's the best.

Imagine what the Chinese version of these devices might do. I identify with the pedestrian who was killed in Tempe. And I don't see how waiting for the election can work.

BTW, it's not a good idea to have big tech companies control the cash flowing into news orgs, because more and more news is going to have to look at them unfavorably. Want to know what new scandal the Bannons are working on now? So all that registers is the thing that you didn't want them to do, not the fact that you don't want them to do it. Lots of parties and dinners happen there, and we have great photos of them all lining the corridors. If you go inside they'll probably kill you." To which I say, whatever. We have to act as the Florida high school students did.

I looked around, and most of the stories written by journalists are wildly innaccurate.

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