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The further correspondence should be paid, please read E-mail forwarding for more information about email correspondence.Arrangement of one introduction meeting costs 400 UAH (~37 euros) (paid in UAH according to the current rate).

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The site performsbackground checks on every member, ferreting out sex offenders, felons and marriedpeople. \"To think a felon could find a victim, especially for a heinous crime, gives me theheebie-jeebies.

I do all I can do to prevent that,\" said Herb Vest, chief executiveof

Nevertheless, Robert Wells, convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under14, passed the screening and posted a profile on that site.

The company issuing him, claiming he committed wire fraud.

The small competitor is pressing for legislation to force big Web sites like and Yahoo!

to perform background checks, or clearly state they don\'t.

Please review our Individual Love Tour page if you are interested in a full pack of matchmaking/marriage services included for your stay in Ukraine.

You don't have to pay for each meeting only when ordering our Love Tour program.

On both sites, every profile is reviewedand approved by human eyes to screen out excess information or obscenity.

Around 15 percent of postings are rejected, according to Kristin Kelly, spokespersonfor

Some personal profiles on the Web site are frighteningly revealing.

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