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"And then you get that spark and that magic moment, and you're away.

It's like lighting fireworks, one of them goes and then they all go at the same time." Eden was also frank about Gemma's brash alter-ego, The GC, saying "Gemma is brilliant, but occasionally she brings the GC and that's where the rub is." When asked to describe the ideal man they think the Essex girl is hoping to find, Nadia revealed: "He'd be a sort of real-life Del Boy with a heart of gold who has the best intentions and is motivated and will just love her.

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But when asked if there are cases when it's "impossible" to find a suitor for someone, Eden admits "we get moments of that for the whole series.

You think, 'we're not going to get it'.

I don’t know if this was just luck, and I certainly felt sometimes like I had been ripped off.

But eventually I met someone I liked, which is what I paid for… I suspect that there are better sating sites out there, so any recommendation I gave would be balanced by that.

As I said, one of them turned out to be a really good match for me.

However, there was a lot about the site that I didn’t like.

She later told Nadia and Eden the date had gone awry when she asked him what he did for a living.

"He said, ' I sell £4 million houses' and I thought 'lovely'.

Appearing on Loose Women where they were asked if they could find Gemma a suitor, Nadia replied "why not?

" as Eden points out it is the point of the show to encourage 37-year-old Gem to let herself go.

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