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Zoom in on the LCD readout and you'll see in big letters "ERROR" with the directive "Unleash Ninja Guru".This could be an inside joke, a reference or just a funny remark - it certainly...If you somehow get him out of the vehicle you'll need to kill him to get him to stay still...

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Finnally you go and change clothes and you will find Claude's... If you go by Frankfort Ave in Algonquin you can watch a poster of a movie called "The Flying Wh*re".

more Head to head to the Southeastern-most portion of the Acter Industrial Park. more I discovered this egg one night when my car was broken and the engine wouldn't start so I decided to call the 118118 team to help me out. That poster was a obviously reference of "Le fin Absolue du Monde," the fake deadly-film...

You can sometimes find it in random trash piles throughout the game, an obvious place...

more Immediately after finishing the mission "Trespass" for Phil Bell, head back down into the Sprunk factory.

more If you have "The Ballad Of Gay Tony", and you listen to Vladivostok (normally after 9pm) there is a radio show in which Kent Paul is the DJ (DJ Paul).

Kent Paul is a character from previous GTA games, with a Manchester accent. more Often found driving around in the Bobcat (a truck loosely based on the 1994-95 Chevy look) is a skinhead looking hillbilly with jeans, a wifebeater and suspenders.After doing so you will get his apartment and some of his money.Now you go to your new apartment and you will find a wardrobe. more The egg is so easy to find, is in the city and in the web, too.more When you're at your safehouse on the first island, when you exit, head right, and go down the street. The second shop on the right will be called the "Hot Coffee Shop". more You must be up to the part of the game where Niko and Roman have a safehouse in South Bohan.In the house on the left of the table near the TV there is a pile of books.This area is largely slummish with alot of the geography not being used in the storyline etc. (118118 is a directory enquiries number in the UK). more Go to Happiness Island and proceed to the statue, enter the lobby and go up the flights of stairs till you reach a dark doorway, enter and the screen will fade black for a moment.

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