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For B you would wipe out natural disasters, pollution, global warming, and everything bad (referring to non-living things). Your cellphone's plan has voice, SMS, and data only, and does not have wifi.

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Methanex is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and operates production sites in Canada, Chile, Egypt, New Zealand, the United States and Trinidad and Tobago.

Its global operations are supported by an extensive global supply chain of terminals, storage facilities and the world’s largest dedicated fleet of methanol ocean tankers.

Like yesterday he gave me flowers and every time I'm around him I get butterflies. Thank you all so much for the kind replies and responses!

My ex-boyfriend tho, my Left Hand, always gets jealous when I'm around Righty (that's his nickname) and I don't want my Left Hand to drive my boyfriend away. I really appreciate it :)If I knew the way I die, it would put my whole life in fear of my death.

I love my Right Hand with all my heart and I don't want to lose him! If I die from car crash, I would have a fear of the roads and cars for the rest of my life. If I knew the date of my death, I would do all the things I have always wanted to do and see the entire would before that date so I know when to say goodbye to my loved ones.

andruc says For A you would wipe out every murderer, rapist, child molester, feminazi, abuser and everything bad (referring to people). Mikki Kakes says Your cellphone does not have internet access.This website/database is a copyright-protected work which is owned by CREA.Part of the contents of this website/database, including all real estate listings and related information, images and photographs (collectively, "Listing Content"), are also protected by copyright, which is owned by the CREA members who supplied the content and/or by third parties, and is reproduced in this website/database under license.These Terms of Use apply to all users, except to the extent that CREA has developed specific policies for member real estate Boards, Associations and REALTOR® members.Those organizations and persons should also refer to the applicable policies of CREA's Technology Committee.Regional marketing offices are located in Belgium, Chile, China, Egypt, Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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