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Any parent with a teenager will be painfully aware that for impressionable young TV viewers, there's nothing sexier than a vampire - and it's got nothing to do with Halloween.Channel 4's latest attempt to seduce us with a mixture of swearing and sex comes in the form of True Blood, the latest in the long line of sexually explicit, violent and vulgar programmes that have, sadly, become the norm on British television.

They've been subjected to a string of programmes that have corrupted their eager minds: Gossip Girl (screened at 7pm), Skins, Sex & The City and Desperate Housewives.

Many of my 16-year-old daughter's peers have been sexually active from the age of 13 or 14.

The plot is lazily set up at the outset via a television broadcast of a lady vampire informing us that since scientists have found a way to make artificial human blood, vampires no longer represent a threat to society.

As the tale unfolds, we learn there has been a horrifying reversal of events and that some humans, known as vampire drainers, like to drink the blood of vampires as it increases their strength, sexual appetite and performance.

I am far from being a prude, but I find myself longing for the days when, in a movie, if a couple were kissing or lying on a bed, they had to keep one foot on the ground.

When television started, it was, as set out by Lord Reith, given a mission to inform, educate and entertain in that order.

Sure, it's an hour after the watershed, but I can't help but worry that children will find their way to this programme, which is a massive hit in the U. If only True Blood were a one-off, I wouldn't be so depressed that this is what Channel 4 wants us all to watch.

But a glance at our schedules reveals that sex, violence and vulgar language have become the staples that make up the British TV diet. studies have shown that teens who watch a lot of sexual content on TV are more likely to initiate intercourse or participate in other sexual activities earlier than peers who don't watch sexually explicit shows.

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There's oral sex, overt discussion of genitalia, graphic sex scenes bordering on the deviant, and foul language.

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